Tuesday, February 15, 2022

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. As you can see, I'm on a roll and posting well ! 

I have a very busy week looming. On Tuesday I am having the first two open meetings for my Weigh-Less Groups in Winterton.

 On Wednesday, I am busy from 3am until after 14h00 with my Virtual Weigh-Less group. Members from all over the world weigh in on my private WhatsApp; I interact one on one with each member, and by 13h00 SA time, I deliver a motivation talk via WhatsApp voice note. 

I have 103 members online : from all over South Africa; from the neighboring Africa states; Mauritius; the UAE; Qatar; the UK; the US; Australia; Germany and Holland in and most recently, a member from Hanoi, Vietnam signed onto my group. Even though these members have never met me, in 2021, I had 22 members reaching their ideal goal weight. 

A year ago I took over the Pietermaritzburg Weigh-Less group online, when the Group Leader retired. These 26 members also clock in online on a Wednesday. However, this week I am having two separate open meetings, to meet these members and to try and recruit a Group Leader for these two areas. 

This meeting will take place on Thursday. The one for the city, is scheduled for Friday 18th February. I have not been down the N3 to the city since before Covid, so rather a challenge awaits me! 

On Thursday night, I will stay over with Grant's 84 year old aunt, Gill who I have known since I was 15. We will have a great time catching up on family news and being together.



  1. Wow Jo! The Weigh Less group keeps you very busy. I'm so glad you're to have a chance to visit with Aunt gill and catch up on news. Drive safely. May the angels pave the way.

  2. You are one busy lady and an inspiration. Have fun visiting Gill.


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