Sunday, February 13, 2022

The day continues...

 Thank you for the birthday wishes. After posting on my blog this morning, I drove to Cedarwood shopping center where I met my friends for lunch. 

What a lovely outing and what a special time with these friends. 

From left: Less and Lynn (owners of The Bunker); Caroline, moi, Estelle and Steve in the foreground 

I always love spending time with Caroline, a good friend and also our Taigelates instructor. On the fourth anniversary of Grant's death, Caro unearthed a photo of Grant and the main builder, Amon on the site of our cottage which he was building on Caroline's property. I'll always be grateful to her for the kindness and respect she showed Grant during the last three months of his life on earth. 

As I said, I have wonderful, loyal and precious friends in the Valley.

Grant and Amon with three other men working alongside them on the building project 

I was blessed with a great haul of birthday gifts 

Back home, I continued with my chores and at 3.45 my friend Arina phoned and said she was coming over from her home at Morely (about 12km from my home) She wanted to have a cup of tea with me for my birthday. 

Happy Sunday to you all! 


  1. It looks and sounds like a delightful birthday. Which is wonderful.

  2. Happy belated birthday and you were blessed with all your well wishers and freinds at lunch and for tea. What a great find the photo of Grant is.

  3. It's nice to be surrounded by good friends. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  4. Lovely to spend a special day with good friends.

  5. Wonderful friends to celebrate. Birthday blessings!

  6. Looked like an awesome birthday! I have same OXO grated and love it!!!


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