Monday, February 28, 2022

Missing my kitty journalist

 Dear Blogger friends. I realized recently that since our dearest Ambrose went across the Rainbow Bridge in April last year, there have been very little posts about the Hedges kitties and Skabby.  Ambrose would push his way onto my desk; he would annex my office chair OR he would merely fix me with a kitty stare from the top of the fridge until I relented and gave him office space to write his Sunday blog post. 

                          Walking across my keyboard...
...annexing my office chair ...
...or staring at me from a dizzy height

I would always be reminded by these antics that he had not yet has his turn at the computer. Oh dear. How I miss this feisty boy. 

Chappie balancing with confidence on the edge of a very deep bowl of water! 

Mama sniffed something in my handbag...
Cat nip! 

A pensive cat...

Sunday was the first time in three weeks that Skabby and I went for a walk - and still the going was very muddy 



  1. Our furry pets certainly make their way into our hearts. I miss Ambrose too and all his posts about the critters in your home.

  2. Chappie is quite the gymnast.

  3. Hello,
    Cute images of Ambrose, happy memories. I am sure Skabby enjoyed the walk.
    Take care, enjoy your day. Have a happy new week!

  4. I hope chappie doesn't try the balance act after getting in the cat nip. also wish i could have his sense of balance

  5. I bet Skabby was excited to go for a walk. Cat memories always bring smiles to my face. We had a siamese cat called Frank and he was sitting on top of our fridge. He moved and fell in to our trash bin, it had one of those tops that you push the cover and then it opens. We had a really good laugh over that. My daughter was around 10 then and she stills talks about it. :)


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