Friday, April 15, 2022

Holiday accommodation in Champagne Valley

Good morning dearest Blogger friends. Once again, Thandi and I have been working very hard at cleaning after, and preparing for guest at The Bunker. 

What a blessing this business has been since our president reopened tourism in mid-August 2020. We have not had a single weekend free. Since the international guests have started visiting South Africa again, we even have mid-week stays. 

Thandi and I have our separate tasks cleaning at the unit. However, we both start together, stripping the kingsized bed of linen, making the bed with a fitted sheet, adding a top sheet and together we have to fit the duvet cover to the inner. 

Then I cover the pillows, puff up the decorative cushions and add the rolled towels at the end of the bed. Each one of these get a small bar of chocolate. 

Thandi moves to the kitchen area after which she mops the tiled floor and then goes into the bathroom to clean it.

I polish the wooden surfaces, 
set out the breakfast foods in the fridge ...
...and on the dining table
I also make up any extra beds if there are children arriving 

All the while Thandi and I converse in Zulu. In the three years that she's worked for me, I have learnt to communicate with her in her Mother tongue. 

The Bunker ready for guests 



  1. a lot of hard work but worth it! so glad it has been full even on week days

  2. I am glad that business is good and hope that your guests appreciate the work that goes into making their stay so pleasant - and luxurious.

  3. The Bunker seems to be popular and that's great for business. Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Jo.

  4. Looks lovely and inviting.


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