Sunday, April 24, 2022

While, back at the ranch...

 ...the three cats do what cats do best: SLEEP!

Dear Blogger friends. I have neglected posts about my kitties. It's a year this week that my dear Ambrose, kitty journalist, went across the Rainbow Bridge. He used to nudge me to allow him to post - I kid you not! 

My dear Ambrose would climb on my keyboard...
...and annex my office chair, to remind me that it was his turn to do the kitty post 

The weather is cooler and I have to fight for a corner to sleep on my single bed. The three cats, two already quite rotund and very heavy, take up their positions and that is where the stay. All night! 

Clockwise from the left: Chappie, Mama and Missy (here in front) 

Missy also insists on breakfast in bed! Brat! 



  1. They can indeed be chronic (and much loved) bed hogs.

  2. Hello,
    Sweet memories or Ambrose, he is missed. Your cats are adorable and spoiled too. I do not get breakfast in bed, lol. Take care, enjoy your day and the new week ahead.

  3. The kitties are very happy that you understand and follow their demands. :)

  4. precious bed partners! I remember when you got Missy and so sorry about sweet Ambrose

  5. At least the kitties help keep you warm. Sierra sleeps on top of me.


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