Sunday, April 3, 2022

Papa's forever home

 Dear Blogger friends. This is a story with a happy ending. 

Once upon a time a Black-footed African Wildcat arrived at a lifestyle complex in the Central Drakensberg. One of the shopkeepers fed him and of course, he kept returning to her shop. His original name is Mr "Lifestyle center" which name I'll omit and Mr xx lived 15 years in this center. He was loved by all the shop owners and visitors to the center would look for him when they returned to the shops. 

By the time he was 15, many people knew him as Papa. And every time I visited my friend, Mary at her upmarket retail  shop, I would bend down and stroke Papa.

In February, when I popped in to see Mary, she was distraught. For reasons unknown, the owner of the complex had decided Papa has to go. Immediately I thought of my brother, Philip who lives on a farm outside Estcourt and told Mary to fret no more. 

I duly spoke to my brother and he agreed to give Papa a forever home. Two days before my birthday in February, I took one of my travel cages to Mary. We loaded Papa into the box and I carried him to Mary's car. Papa set to yowling from the time we left the 'Berg until we drove into my brother's yard.

I carried the cage into Phillip's spare room and we let Papa out. He sniffed at the counterpane and jumped up onto the double bed and settled down to sleep. Quite unusual as Papa had never slept indoors at the center.


Six weeks down the road and Papa has settled in like he has never lived anywhere else. My brother has a huge Calico cat, called Cat and two elderly dogs, Sissy and Tombi (Zulu for little girl). Although it took a few weeks for Cat to accept the newbie, the dogs continued as if Papa had always lived there. 

Phillip regularly sends me photos of Papa and I share them with Mary and dozens of people in the area who were horrified that this gentle old cat was unceremoniously evicted from the center.

However,  everyone at Phillip's Pet Hotel is living happily ever after. 


Papa, the well read cat 
Papa on HIS bed in the spare room 
Apparently Papa pulled the cushion off the chair seen in the photo and proceeded to lie on it
Happy families
My favorite image of dear Papa! Contentment  is...

I said it was a story with a happy ending! Mary and I are ever grateful to Phillip for taking Papa in. 



  1. that is wonderful to hear. Thank you. And Phillip.

  2. this story is such a great one, Papa had lots of people to love him for 15 years and now has people and siblings to love him and when I saw this oh so handsome cat laying on the bed with the others, my eyes teared up with happiness.

  3. Hello,

    Papa looks very happy in his new home. Cute photos. Take care, have a great day and a happy new week!

  4. Papa looks very comfy in his new home. Glad his story has a happy ending, those are the best kind. Have a wonderful new week, Jo.

  5. That is such a wonderful story about dear Papa and it made us all smile.

  6. Blessings to you all for making this happen.

  7. A lovely animal rescue story.

  8. This is such a heartwarming story. I'm so glad Phillip opened his home and that Papa felt so comfortable from the moment he sauntered into his new home. I laughed when you wrote that Papa pulled the cushion onto the floor so he could repose there. Ha, ha. That really told me he made himself at home. I'm glad it all worked out for him. It was so mean of the owner to kick him out in his old age.

  9. I do love happy endings. Thank you Phillip.


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