Monday, August 15, 2022

An update

 Dear Blogger friends. I seem to be always apologising for my lack of posting on Blogger. 

Three weeks ago as my alarm went off at 5am, Georgy (the precious new kitten) climbed onto my head . I took him and put him at my feet. I needed to snooze a little. The aunty cats were all still asleep on my bed as was Skabby, who sleeps on the floor beside my bed. Georgy climbed back onto my head and I put him in front of my still warmly curled body. He hopped off the bed and onto the dog. 

I heard the snap and felt the tension in the other cats which caused me to quickly switched on the light. Skabby was sitting up by now, looking suitably guilty. No sign of Georgy but I could hear him meowing pitifully from the other side of my bedroom. I quickly put Skabby outside and set about finding the injured kitten. I located him in the narrowest of spaces under my wardrobe. 

Cradling him while he cried piteously, I saw blood on the right side of his face. I placed him in my bathroom and closed the door. Then proceeded to get ready to take him to the vet - some 49km from my house. When I got into the bathroom,  it looked like a slaughterhouse. Georgy had been sneezing violently and shaking his head spraying blood all over the bath and surrounding tiles. 

I brought in one of my cat traveller cages, lined it with a towel and placed Georgy inside.  I phoned the emergency number at the veterinary clinic. The doctor on duty answered and had to ask several times who was calling as I could not get my mouth unclenched. When I explained what had happened, he said he'd be waiting for me at the clinic. 

I arrived around 7.45 where a few of the receptionists and two vets were standing. They all knew Skabby and commiserated with me saying they hoped the puddy cat would be ok.  The doctor dealing with my case, took me into his surgery, opened the cage and took the kitty out. His assistant held Georgy while the doctor examined the injury. He told me that the dog's teeth had missed the eye and not broken the jaw.  

While the vet fetched antibiotics and a painkiller with which to inject Georgy, the assistant let Georgy play with his hands. I asked him what gender the kitty was. To my delight, after a cursory glance, he pronounced Georgy to be a male kitty. 

The vets assistant, keeping Georgy calm after his traumatic experience

While I traveled home, several friends, whom I had told of my early morning drama, sent me voicenotes commiserating with me but reminding me that Skabby didn't mean to bite Georgy - he got a fright. I realized this as when we got home, Skabby reached up to see if Georgy was in the travel cage. 
This happened on a Friday. That day Georgy sleep the hours away in the sun on my bed. The whole weekend he was quiet - although he ate his juicy meat bits that evening. 
Asleep on my bed - the right cheek (visible) is where he suffered the injury - in fact showing very little damage
Later that day, Georgy sleeping with his feet resting on Mama

By Monday morning, with the resilience of youth, Georgy was his perky self again... Wreaking havoc, stealing Aunty Chappie's food and taunting Aunty Missy. 

AND snuggling up to Skabby at every opportunity.

No heart stopping story like this would be complete without showing the cause of all the commotion. 

Skabby, who never hurts a fly, let alone the household cats

However, nature being nature, I keep a strict eye and avoid any surprises between the kitties and dear Skabby.



  1. Aw, poor Georgy and poor Skabby. I'm glad all ended well and that there wasn't more damage done to Georgy.

  2. I was so afraid to read to the end of this story and so happy to get there and find that all is well and the kitty is ok and so is dear sweet Skabby. the gentle giant who never harms anyone or anything. hugs to all of you and glad all is well in the end

  3. Hello,
    I am glad Georgie is ok. I am sure Skabby is sorry about the biting incident. Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  4. I am so glad that the injuries were minor.

  5. Good that the little guy is on the mend. Skabby must be feeling like a heel.

  6. Glad to hear everybody is OK.


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