Saturday, October 22, 2022

 Good afternoon my dear Blogger friends. As always, I'm glad to get here and do a post. 

Last week as Thandi and I were leaving The Bunker (in readiness for the incoming guests), she pointed through car window and said "kwagga". I looked and saw a pair of zebras on the property.

The zebras striding along the top of The Bunker garden
When I sent the image to my friend, Estelle, on the same estate, she responded thus...

Steve giving tyhe same pair a tidbit. They also have a bachelor guinea fowl on their property!

I managed Steve and Estelle's art shop in the Valley for two years after Grant's death. They are very dear friends of mine. And oh, Steve cuts my hair every month. 💇

Last week at home, I noticed my Buddleja salviifolia had all but died on the one side.  We lopped off the dead branches, dug a good supply of compost into the ground around it and gave it a good soaking. I'm happy to say, ten days on it's looking a lot healthier and greener than the photo below.

My Buddleja salviiflora looking a little worse for the wear

On one of the branches, I found this sunbird nest; obviously in between uses

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  1. Oh wow, I would love to see the zebras, the bunker guest have great wildlife sightings. I am glad you were able to save your Buddleia. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me comment.

  2. i would LOVE to see those zebras, how cool is this

  3. How I would love to see zebras. Glad that you were able to save the Buddleah, and love that sunbird nest too.

  4. How cool is that, Zebra's stopping by for a treat.

  5. Those are such beautiful animals and it's been years since I saw any (and that was at the zoo). Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like the photo of your friend feeding the zebras and the misty blue mountains in the distance.

  7. Very cool to see zebras. You will soon be a safari destination.

  8. Fantastic photos of the zebras. I love the animals of Africa.

  9. Zebras are such fascinating animals.


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