Friday, October 7, 2022

Another annual task completed

 Good evening, dear Blogger friends. For the past five years, I've had to execute all manner of unfamiliar tasks myself.

One yearly event is having my trusty little vehicle serviced in the town of Ladysmith, some 80km from home. 

When I bought my car three and a half years ago (also done all on my own, at my own expense), there was a Motor plan with the purchase.  This year, however, the plan has expired, and the service was for my own account.   

I had budgeted for this job but with any big expense, it tends rattle me somewhat. Yet ironically while I waited in the customer lounge with several other, albeit it, male vehicle owners, I managed to recruit four members on my Weigh-Less group and booked out the large house for three extra days this coming week. I also qualified for loyalty discount as this was my fourth service with this dealer. Expense covered in one (two-hour) sitting! 

My trusty little car 

I'm always amazed at how blessed I am...

Praise God! 



  1. Hello,
    Yes, you were lucky with the discount. You are doing great and accomplished so much the last 5 years, well done. Have a great day!


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