Saturday, October 1, 2022

Newborn calf, Glossy Starling, Blacksmith Plover...

...and a happy dog! 

Hello dear Blogger friends. I haven't submitted to Saturday Critters with Eileen, but here goes.

I took this photo through the car windscreen so as not to stress Mama cow 
with her newborn calf
Glossy Starling on my lawn

Happy pooch running along the farm road

A Blacksmith Plover giving voice to try and lure us away from its nest (the nest is usually far away from where this bird would be acting as a decoy)

Skabby gave the plover a wide berth and dived into the dam further along

A good shake while in the water! 
And always a couple of gulps of water!
Back home we found Chappie in a cardboard box which I had thrown out 

She jumped out as soon as Skabby started plodging in his water bowl, splashing water across the veranda floor. 
Skabby noticed that Chappie had run onto the lawn to watch him cooling off
You should try this Chappie. Cools the paws!
Chappie stops a safe distance away and watches...

Here's thinking of those of you in the path of Ian - may you be safe!
I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here



  1. Lovely critters. What is it about cats and boxes. Almost all of our cats over the years have loved them.

  2. I think you forgot to ask Chappie permission to throw the box out. :)


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