Sunday, December 21, 2008

Summer Storms

Above a storm gathers momentum
as the sun prepares for bed

Regular visitors to this blog will know that I love rain. Rainstorms, raindrops, showers of rain; anything to do with rain! I also love storms. Dark, ominous, black-clouded, rumbling, flashing storms. Why do I like storms? Because generally they herald rain. Now WHY do I love rain? Because it brings new life; it refreshes the earth; it rejuvenates the spirit.

Here in Central South Africa, with a prairie-like landscape, rain is not something we take for granted. We are grateful for every drop that falls.

My "baby" cat, Manduline is afraid of storms. I always know heavy weather is imminent; I find her in this corner of my diningroom. If you look carefully, you'll see her tongue protruding from her mouth!

More signs of stormy weather to the northeast of my garden

Over the past two weeks, the days have dawned sunny and bright. By midday we are sweltering in the summer heat. By 4pm, the clouds begin to gather overhead. Within forty minutes, the first drop of rain splashes on the ground. We’ve had heavy electric storms followed by good showers of rain. In the Free State, electric storms are violent and have claimed many lives in the past. It's best to take care in a storm; not to be out in the open and near any rocky outcrops . Do not shelter in a tin shed. (many of these storage barns in the area).

Eventually the rain arrives and pours down

and down, and down...

Of course, due to the profusion of rain, my garden has flourished. It is lush and cool; and it's my pride and joy at the moment. Early this morning, while doing my Quiet Time, I walked through the garden and all I could do was to thank God for the bounty of blessings which He has showered us with this past year.

My garden after the rains.

A cool shady part of my garden

The green path draws the reader's eye to even greener pastures!
My three ponds are all interlinked; two have waterfalls and this one in the foreground has a fountain which is only just visible in the photo. The whole effect is tranquil, cool and relaxing

It would be great if it rains on Christmas Eve. As we’re having quite a large family gathering on Christmas day, I’ve decided to serve lunch in the garden. If it has rained, the air will be cooler and the flies will be less inclined to share our meal!


  1. My Jo - you have very beautiful gardens!

  2. Thanks Toni, a blessed Christmas season to you and your precious loved ones. Hugs Jo


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