Monday, December 29, 2008

Live and Let Live

Snails have their own place in my garden. Strangely the Acanthus mollis (shredded shrub just visible behind the sign), is one or two of the only plants in my garden that the snails really anihilate

This past week of Christmas celebrations and family gatherings has really made me appreciate my garden, the weather and nature more than ever. We’ve spent every possible moment in the garden with my MIL and her husband and various friends and family who’ve popped in. We’ve had morning coffee in the garden; later we’ve enjoyed breakfast together under the umbrella at the garden table. A few necessary chores indoors and then back into the garden it is for morning tea!

A peaceful and calm setting for family and friends' gatherings

Salads and cold meat (yummy left-over Christmas gammon) served al fresco just cannot be beaten. Later after an afternoon siesta - the weather is incredibly hot at the moment - I’d serve afternoon tea ... you guessed it - in the garden!

Even later my son and daughter-in-law would arrive to spend time with grandmother and hubby and to enjoy the sun setting over the garden while I served cheese, biscuits, gherkins, olives and biltong (A South African delicacy : dried meat which is similar to jerky). Life really has been mellow and peaceful these last few days.

Contrary to popular belief, snails do not destroy a garden

While we’re all enjoying freedom and the garden, the snails and other creepy crawlies in my garden are also allowed to live. Regular readers to this blog will know that I do not use poisons/ insecticides in my garden; not only that: I leave everything alone in my garden, not least the common garden snail. (You can read about the wildlife in my garden here) Ironically these little creatures are not out to destroy my whole garden. I have one section in my front garden where the snails can be seen crawling up the wall after a shower and a few Acanthus mollis bear the brunt of their hunger. Last week my husband erected a sign to mark their special place in my garden: "Snails Pub & Grub"...

Healthy blooms abound in my garden

There is enough garden for everyone!


  1. Your gardens are absolutely gorgeous, especially compared to the dreary cold and bareness I have outside :) (for everything there is a season)I imagine they take a lot of work to remain so beautiful. Kuddos to you on a job well done.

  2. Hi Jo, I love the sign for the snails!Your garden looks a very peacefull haven for family and friends.

  3. Lovely, Jo & I know just what you mean about long, lazy days in the garden followed by cool siesta's ! I love your sign for the snails, & also the fact (re. a previous post) that you pick them up off the driveway so that they aren't crushed by car tyres ... just the sort of thing I would do :) Enjoy the rest of your holiday time with your family ....

  4. I ate snails three times over the Christmas holidays. I love them. Sorry, you are probably horrified, but they really are tasty.

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Toni. I started this garden in 2003; if you'd like to see what my garden looked like then, please go to Thanks for popping by, Hugs Jo

  6. Hi Peggy, my darling hubby thought out the name. I cut a picture out of a gardening magazine advert. (for snail bait -yech!) He pasted my picture in between and varnished the whole thing. As he planted it in the garden, we had a shower of rain, hence the smudges from every word. My dil says they're just like the trails that snails leave... Hugs Jo

  7. Oh yes, Lynda, I knew you'd relate. My new pup has taken to eating the odd snail, so after a shower, I dash out, pick them up with her trying to pin the snail to the ground first (!) and I place them INSIDE my garden. My friends think I am crazy ;) Yeah, I can imagine that your beautiful garden is also cool and inviting while we're experiencing such hot weather. Hugs Jo

  8. Hi Dedene, not at all horrified. When I ate meat, one of my favourite starters was snails in garlic butter, dabbed/soaked up with fresh brown bread. Is this how you eat it? See my comment to Lynda above: my new pup, Angie also loves snails... Hugs Jo


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