Friday, December 19, 2008

God's light reflected

I pray that God's light is reflected in my life

When you get to know Jesus, it is like stepping out of darkness into bright sunlight. God does not only provide light; He is Light. The advent of Jesus which is the period now until Christmas Eve, is a revelation of an earlier mystery. God’s purpose for mankind was shown when Jesus was sent to earth. The light that He brought is available to us all.

There is a moral aspect to the assertion: “God is Light”. Darkness is related to the Evil One and sin. Crimes and sins are often committed in the dark. People who commit these deeds think that God cannot see them but then the guilt which originates from the deeds, cast a dark shadow over their conscience. God’s untainted holiness and purity stand out in stark contrast. There is no darkness in Him.

Our lives on earth should be a reflection of God’s light in Jesus.

I pray that God’s light shines upon every facet of my life; that He makes my life on earth a reflection of His light to brighten and lighten the situation of those around me, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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