Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family, Pets, Garden

First morning at home
The littlest Hedges girl stares intently at this lady
who is always taking photos...
An early morning stroll in the garden
Megan is just visible between the sunlight and shadowsA very excited Labrador...
Eddy as always, on the prowl for rats!

Clarice joins Angie and Eddy (see Eddy, looking for rats!)

A tranquil scene in the garden

The littlest Hedges asleep in the dappled shade
of GranJo's garden

Oi, I heard all about this crazy Gran who always takes photos.
Bet you I'll end up on her blog!

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  1. must be so happy to be home. I'll bet your animals were as excited to see you as you were to see them. What a beautiful family you have.

  2. We are, thanks Lori. Angie (the Lab) squeaked with delight when she saw us get out of the car. Our oldest and children were here on Friday - have returned to their home in another province. The youngest baby lives around the corner from us so we have seen him a bit more. Even babysat for two hours on Sunday.

  3. Oh, it must be wonderful to be home, Jo! And I love all the pictures of your family! They are all just beautiful!! I know it's such fun to see your grandchildren and particularly the newest!! I'm sure all the four-legged family members are delighted to have you back home, too! Looks like your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!


  4. I am pleased that your trip home was safe. The Garden is georgous, and the children are absolutely adorable! Did your package arrive?

  5. Oh, Jo, your grandchildren are just precious! Your pets are pretty cute, too! It must be wonderful to be home for a few weeks.

  6. It must feel great to be home and see the grandkids and pets and walk in the garden. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful photos, Jo, esp the grandchildren. Your garden is gorgeous!

  8. How wonderful to be back with all your grandchildren, Jo ! I can't believe how quickly they are all growing - and your newest little grandson is in one word - ADORABLE ! (((Hugs))) to you xxx

  9. What a lovely collection of images, and the youngest is oh so sweet!


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