Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Khartoum Budgies New Home

Rambo and Sweet Pea in their cage suspended above our desks in the office

I always seem to surround myself with pets of some sort. So going home to South Africa on break, I have to find someone to look after our budgies. Our general manager, Issam has agreed to have them in his house downstairs. We inherited Sweet Pea from him when he went over to the USA last August.

I've asked Grant to make an elbow for the cage to be suspended in Issam's flat. I also asked him for a second elbow. This would be fixed to an outside wall for the budgies to get some fresh air.

The only wall in the courtyard which gets no sun at all

I've been watching the course of the sun in the courtyard below. Every wall of our building gets full sun at some stage during the day. To hang the budgies there would mean slow-death-by-roasting. Poor things. Then I noticed that a storeroom opposite had a wall that never received the sun. Grant will suspend an elbow there today.

Mirriam works for Issam on Wednesdays and Sundays and will come in to clean in our absence on Thursdays. I have shown her how to change the birds' water and food daily. She will also ensure the birds are indoors when she leaves work in the afternoon.

I'd been concerned about Calico Cat. She seems to be thinner so perhaps she's had her kittens. Every evening and many mornings, she waits for her food which Grant takes down for her. Now I have asked Mirriam to leave food (which is stored in my fridge) for her every time she comes in to work.

Now, I'd better get packing for my holiday back in South Africa. We cannot wait to see our new grandson who is already five weeks old!

God willing, I should be back online and blogging on Saturday from my own office back home! Until then, everyone take care and be blessed.


  1. Have a safe trip home, Jo. I'll bet I'll be able to see your HUGE SMILE once you get home and can see that new grandbaby....

    Hugs and Safe Travels,

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted, Jo! Itsounds like your budgies and cat will be in good hands. Have a wonderful time with your newest grandson and the rest of your extended family!

  3. Hi Jo,
    Have a safe trip, I can almost feel your excitement!
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Sunny :)

  4. Thanks Betsy;) as I promised myself (and you!) I will be taking many photos. All our grands are used to the gran who takes photos! Bless you, Hugs Jo

    Sunny;) bless you for sharing my excitement. I need to finish here and start packing. With handluggage only, there isn't much to pack though. Hugs Jo

    Thanks Pat, I will be commented and posting from home until Grant and I get onto the bike and tour our beautiful country. Bless you, my friend. (((Hugs))) Jo

  5. Safe travels home to South Africa, Jo - I know you can't wait to see your new grandson, the other grandchildren and all your pets, too ! xx

  6. Have a safe trip home. Hope all the pets survive your break. Big smiles when you hold your new grandchild. My computer has died so I have to share with Bill until I can get a new one.

  7. Thanks Lynda;) you know how I miss the children (human and pet ones!) at home. But they're all safe and well. Thanks for your kind wishes.

    Hi diane;) I wondered why you were so "quiet"...Thanks for the kind wishes.

  8. Glad to know that your budgies and cat will be in good hands of Issam and Mirriam. Have a safe trip my dear. I am so excited for you. I bet you will kiss your grandson as if there's no other chance to kiss him:) (you reminded me of my mother when I gave birth to my Joel).

    BOn voyage and hope to see you online soon.

  9. Have a safe trip JO. Big hugs to you and your grandchildren, :-) I will be going home v. soon too and hope to post pics then. God bless xx

  10. Thanks Misalyn and Joyful Bless you both as you also go home...

  11. Have a nice flight back and enjoy your new grandson !

  12. Have a safe trip and enjoy that grandchild!

  13. Congratulations on your new grandson! Hope your trip goes well & you ejoy every minute of it.

  14. Sounds like Rambo, Sweet Pea and Calico Cat will be well taken care of. Enjoy your trip and have a wonderful time with your new grandson!


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