Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Youngest Grandson's Dedication at the Church

Above Angus prays a blessing over his first-born
On Sunday our younger son, Angus and his wife, Amanda, had their little boy dedicated in the church. This means they brought their child to be "introduced to God." According to the Bible, Jesus was introduced to God even though God knew all about Him just as He knows all about our little grandson because He created him.
Here a church elder prays a special blessing over the grandparents. Amanda's parents are also the pastors of our church so the whole ceremony was very special indeed

Once again, as this post is aired, we will be on our bike and heading south to Kwa Zulu Natal. We visit an old school friend, who has a beautiful guest house on the Mooi River. After this we will spend three days in the Drakensberg with older son, John, Debbie and their children. Saturday our older granddaughter celebrates her seventh birthday on the same day as her one-year-old sister.
Once we have visited mum-in-law on the East Coast of Natal on Sunday, we will ride up the back road and visit the old town I grew up in. (My darling hubby's idea) Many memories will be awakened (he courted me while I lived there so it's a trip down memory lane for both of us) and I'll be sure to take many photos.
We should be home by Monday and begin to pack for our return to the Sudan.
Till then, all my fellow bloggers, be blessed and stay safe.


  1. How lovely for you to be on holidays so you could attend your grandson's blessing. Enjoy the rest of your trip and memory lane. How far will you have travelled on the bike.

  2. Hi Jo, In my church, infant Baptism is what we call it---or sometimes Christening. Whatever it is, I LOVE it--and we all do agree to bring the child up in the church showing him/her the love of God. Praise be to God!

    Have a wonderful trip....

  3. Isn't he adorable and so tiny! What a moving occaison for you and the family.
    Have a safe trip and a lovely time.

  4. It is so wonderful you have this chance to take a tour and a trip down memory lane, as well as get caught up with friends and be involved in the milestones of your loved ones. Enjoy and stay safe.

  5. Jo, what a neat experience. You look so proud. We dedicated both of our sweeties. Continue to be safe and enjoy the ride!

  6. Such a lovely ceremony! I am glad that you are having a good time visiting home, and I am pleased that you were home to be at the ceremony!


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