Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home for awhile

While we've been away these last ten days, our home town and surrounding area was blessed with good rains again. (PS, I wish we could share it with the drought-stricken Eastern Cape) Needless to say, when I walked in my garden last night, I was greeted by cool lush greenery and prolifically flowering shrubs and plants.
Leonotus leonurus, (Wild dagga or wild canabis), one of my favourite shrubs, attracts sunbirds and butterflies to my garden. It also provides a beatiful show from Christmas until mid-June.
Butterflies are regular visitors to the above shrub: Plumbago auriculata (Cape Leadwort)

My parents always had the above shrub in their garden. So I was thrilled when I managed to grow this one here in my garden, Plectranthus fruticus (Forest Spurflower)

It's soothing to wander through the many"rooms" in my garden

I drink in as much of the greenery and cool lushness as I can to sustain me when I return to Khartoum where I spend most of my day in a first storey flat with dust and heat all around me...
I've been trying to catch up on reading other bloggers posts and commenting. We are home for now but want to make a last trip to the Golden Gate National Park. Weather permitting we'll be camping there for part of the Easter weekend. Then it's back home and we begin to pack and prepare for our return to the Sudan.


  1. Hi Jo, So nice to see you again. Your gardens are just gorgeous, so lush and green. It must be hard to leave such a paradise behind when it's time to return to Khartoum.
    Our snow has finally melted and been replaced with a lot of rain, today the sun has managed to come out and it feels a bit more like spring.
    Sunny :)

  2. I would drink that green garden in too! It's beautiful. We have had an unusually cold winter here in south Florida and a lot of our palms and bananas have some brown. I can't wait until we can spruce them up back to green! Thanks for sharing your with us!

  3. Jo, you have such a beautiful garden. It's too bad you must be away from it for months at a time, but it's a blessing for you to be with your husband.

    Gorgeous shots.

    Btw, I was joking about "gazillions" and "zillions," but I'm pretty sure you knew that!

  4. Hi Jo, You have had a wonderful holiday for sure. Your garden is marvelous. Who does the upkeep on it? Do you have a gardener---or do your kids keep it weed-free, etc.?????

    Enjoy the final part of your vacation....


  5. What a beautiful garden you have Jo. I am sure that none of this is possible in the desert and you must miss it lots.

  6. It's wonderful to have you back again, Jo - and your garden is looking lovely ! I hope that you had a very happy Easter, too :) xx


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