Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Covenant

He (God) has made an eternal covenant with me, an agreement that will not be broken, and a promise that will not be changed!
2 Samuel 23:5

God's promises and His covenant with us are certain.

It is an everlasting covenant, it will not be broken.

 Rest secure, in God's promise to you!

There is nothing to fear, He will not abandon you.

Amen, Lord!
The Arabic for covenant is ʻHd (pronounced hud -breath out)


  1. What a beautiful picture Jo!
    Did you take it yourself and where is it?

  2. God surely is with us all the days of our life. Wonderful photo of the everlasting beauty we are presented with every day.

  3. Thanks Meme;) it's the Nile River at sunrise - we live almost on the Nile in one of the cities of the Tr-city, Khartoum. Have a great day.

    Hi Arija;) absolutely. God's beauty around us is there to sustain and encourage us during difficult times. Bless you my friend.

  4. What a lovely golden photo. It is a wonderful image to symbolize God's love.

  5. The sun's reflection shows the path to walking in beauty.

  6. Your works perfect everytime,I watch enjoyable,have a nice weekend.

  7. Gorgeous photo, Jo.... Is that the Nile River?

    YES---God's covenant will never be changed or broken. Thanks be to God for that!!!!


  8. Amen . Wonderful post Joo.
    Happy weekend.

    ♥ Regina

  9. This is a gorgeous sunrise photo, Jo! And I love the scripture and the comforting words. God will never forsake His children, but will carry them through even the greatest trials.

  10. Seeing the beauty from the rising to the setting of the sun, how can we not believe in His power? In His love? Have a great weekend and God bless. Beautiful shot and perfect verse with it!

  11. Amen. Rustigheid van die sonsondergang(foto), pas so mooi by jou teks & woorde, van die Here wat ewig en verseker daar is vir ons.


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