Sunday, September 26, 2010

My super gift from the USA

Hi folks, this is Shadow who has pipped the budgies to the post (pun intended!) You all know what a wonderful cat / pet I am to my humans. They go to any lengths to ensure I'm happy and especially that I get my favourite food. Well, since last month there hasn't been any cat food in the whole of Khartoum. Serious. On Friday my lady human e-mailed the gemeral banager who was flying out from the US last weekend and asked him to bring a packet of cat-kibbles

When the gemeral banager arrived he had a huge bag of kibbles in his luggage. It smells delicious.  Not only that, his children in the US sent me a toy: a laser beam mouse. (see I'm snifffing the toy mouse to the side of the bag) 
 As soon as my human male opened the packet, he turned on the laser beam and I tried to catch it. Great fun, but I wonder when they're going to open the kibbles. Much more interesting I'd say! 

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The Arabic for laser beam is  Shʻāʻ al-Lyzr (sha-a a laser)


  1. I found some book that may be interesting to u, Jo

    There are more books in that folder :)

  2. LOL
    Thanks, Jo, I never know when I might need to say "laser beam" in Arabic. Alberta is becoming more cosmopolitan every day, I'm glad to say.
    Gorgeous cat. Hope the cat food was as big a hit as the toy.

    -- Kay

  3. You are lucky Shadow that the meneral ganager was able to get through customs with those cat biscuits. I hope you have had some by now.

  4. Shadow, I don't think it's appropriate to tease a starving kitty with a toy. But sure will be fun to play with later huh? ;)

  5. have fun shadow!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  6. Well that should keep him busy. :) I hope he did not have to wait long for the food? :)

  7. It shows how much your mom and dad loves you to make arrangements to fly your food all the way from US! Sure is delicious food.

  8. How nice of the gemeral banager and his children to bring a bag of Cat Chow and a laser toy to you, Shadow! I've watched dogs and cats chase a laser light and it's hilarious!

  9. 'Purina' is my cats favourite too!
    Hope Shadows enjoys it!! ♥

  10. We have one of those toys too - have fun with it. The bag of food from here is great.

  11. A laser beam mouse is a fun toy, but I'm sure the kibble was tastier.

  12. Cool...To get a special treat! Blessings.

  13. Oh Jo... how much fun for Shadow...and for you!! Aren't presents for our animals just about the best fun in the world?! They are so responsive and thrilled with...whatever!
    You can't get cat stuff where you live? Well then do email me your address so Edward can send Shadow a little packet of treats every now and then...


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