Sunday, September 12, 2010

Khartoum Kittens

Three of the five kittens I feed behind the staff ablutions.  They were quite nervous in the beginning but are getting used to me hanging around taking photos!

Last night mama cat was with them hissing and spitting at me (ungrately lady!). One of the kittens was gnawing on a decapitated bird the mother cat had brought for her babies.

I know it's a no-win situation; I only wish I could catch the mother cat and have her spayed. But it's impossible to get near her.  She eats the food I put down for her near the bottom of our steps and her older kitten (now almost full grown) eats from another dish I place nearby.

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The local Arabic word for cat is kadeesa. The Arabic word for kitten is Hryrh (pronounced Hirrya)


  1. It's so sad, Jo... There's just not much else you can do.. Just keep feeding the ones you can---I guess...

    Thanks so much for caring... I admire you.

  2. That's so sad for female cats, they are always pregnant and then all these poor little kitties. It was the same on the Canary Islands in Spain. But then over the years English tourists and residents organized a huge spaying campaign which also was successful over the years and now each wild cat with one ear where the top has been cut off, means that the cat is spayed. I found that a wonderful solution !

  3. You are turning into a Khartoum cat lady.

  4. Very cute. But you probably don't need any more kitties.

  5. Have you thought about putting sleeping pills in her food? Maybe you could catch her then.
    You're very sweet to care for these unfortunate animals. Too bad everyone isn't as conscientious as you.

  6. I can be so close from Sudan soon, Jo and I keep thinking of myself as a big roasted duck, I'll need help from u how to stand hotness above 40 c !
    love means ħob (ħ like in Moħmmad) and it's the same in raħma, Qetta is more used in standard than herra

  7. Sad story but cute photo.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  8. Jo, I love it that you are such an animal lover! You are so tender-hearted.


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