Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farming along the Nile

The sun rises over the Nile and the farm lands lining the river

Agriculture is one of the mainstays of the Sudan. There is wheat, sugar and livestock  farming in the South and when we travel North we see goat, sheep, cattle and camel farms. The small farmer also farms with mainly vegetables along the Nile in Khartoum.    When the Nile floods its banks every year in July, August and half of September, it provides natural fertilizer for the lands. When the water recedes, the silt remains.  The farmer brings his oxen and plough and prepares for next season. Above photo shows land which is awaiting the farmer.

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The Arabic word for river is Nhr an-Nyl (Narr a Neel)


  1. Hmm, let's see. I'm guessing maybe the name "Nile" evolved from the last part of the Arabic word for river. But, then again, it might just be Egyptian!!

    Your photos are wonderful, Jo. I've always wanted to cruise the Nile, but now I don't know... there's still the long trip from western Canada to Africa to take into consideration. But we shall see. I've made it to the Mediterranean, so the Nile isn't that much farther away, by Canadian standards. LOL


  2. Seems like this has been happening for perhaps 100s of years here. Must work.
    Great shot of the Nile under that soft light.
    Are we going to the desert again soon?

  3. I love the pale golden colors, the silhouetted land across the Nile and the sun's relection. Beautiful!

  4. Great shot!
    Dis seker heerlik om jou kompos 'afgelewer' te hê net waar jy wil plant!

  5. What a great sunrise photo.
    The Sudanese were smart not to dam the Nile and end the flooding that renews soil fertility, as has happened with so many rivers.


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