Monday, February 13, 2012

59 and holding...

While I waited in the wings to enter the Big Four, I had a key-ring which said: "39 and holding". Grant and I worked for a diamond mine in Namibia and lived in a mining town called Oranjemund. Our older son, John was swotting for his exams to enter the merchant navy. Angus, 13, attended a SACHS,  private school in Cape Town. I clearly remember my thirties and early forties. I didn't ever look for wrinkles or grey hairs. Life was great! 

Today, Monday 13 Feb, I 'm 59 and holding ! Career-wise we have come a full circle. Grant is working for a diamond mine, this time in East Africa and we live in a town very similar to Oranjemund. I don't do my make-up in harsh lighting and I couldn't bothered to look for grey hair! Life is still great!   

There are very few photos of me in my archives, simply because I'm always behind the camera. However, my good friend, Sue, from Keirio Valley took several photos of me, normally while I was taking photos! (As you can see, the above photo was taken early in 2011 while I was still only 58!)

Over the whole of last year, Sue and I spent many enjoyable hours birding and taking photos. Occassionally catch each other on film, normally in a compromising pose. Sue caught me more times than I caught her! I really miss Sue and all the lovely times we had together in the valley!
Sue snapped me in this pose while I was taking macro shots of snowdrops on the school sports field!

You're all invited to my birthay party today at House No 2, Mwadui Camp, Tanzania!

Photo credits: Sue Spangenberg, Keirio Valley, Kenya


  1. Happy Birthday to YOU, Jo.... I am 69 and not going to HOLD...In August, I'll be 70 and be proud of it!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day... Wish I lived close enough to attend your party.

  2. Sorry I won't make it, but enjoy a little more for me. Us "gray-hairs" have earned everyone we have.

  3. Oh, Happy Happy Happy, you young thing! I remember being 69, but I didn't "hold" well.
    I was 29 for a long, long time, however.
    Wish I could be at your birthday party.
    Lots of love,

  4. Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday, Jo! You youngster!!! I'll be 80 next year, so believe me I'm qualified to call you a youngster and it's all in the mind anyway!! Enjoy, my friend! That's what it's all about!!


  5. Happy Birthday Jo! We're still young (I'll be 58 next month). It's a mind set.

  6. Happy Birthday, Jo! You are looking great! Funny capture of you down on the ground for your macro shot. What a capture. I wish you many more happy birthday, have a great day! And a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Happy Birthday. You look like you have been pumping weights with those upper arm muscles. I think I'll become a vegetarian so that I can be a slim as you, but then I have had 11 more years to collect extra weight.

  8. Happy Birthday Jo. The pictures are terrific. Have a great party today.

  9. Only 59! Nice to be so young. Happy birthday from your OLD brother.

  10. Happy Birthday Jo, age is just a number, I will be 69 this year!! Have a great time wish I could zap over to Tanzania. Diane

  11. WoW! Just look at you, Jo! You can now honestly say, "I'm barely in my fifties." People will believe you. You could pass for much younger than you are - that's for sure. Happy Birthday. I guess I can't make it for the party now. Maybe when you turn over the big 6 0h? ☻

  12. Sending you a BIG Birthday Hug!!!
    You're gorgeous!!

  13. Happy Birthday Jo ! and all the best ! You are still a young girl, you haven't joined the 60 club ! What should I say, in July I'll be 69, but never felt better ! It's not the numbers in the passport which count, but what is in your head ! and you look great !

  14. Oh, I so wish I could have gone to your birthday party, Jo!! I bet it was lots of fun. Those are cute pictures of you.

    Jerry grabs the camera from me sometimes and takes my picture, so I have several ones of me over the years.


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