Monday, February 27, 2012

Fourth weekend in Mwadui

While I was in the city, Mwanza on Friday, I bought my first-ever hair clipper set. I know there are ladies in this world, who cut their husbands' and sons' hair, and many even cut their own hair while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. Well, I'm not one of them. Although I had three menfolk in my family, not once was I ever tempted to trim or style their hair. I cannot even cut my own bangs.

I'd bought the clippers because Grant, who's been growing his hair since last Easter, decided it was time to cut his hair again. There being no barber or hairdresser within a 1000km radius of the camp, Marnitz, the young production manager who started here the same time as Grant, said he would cut Grant's hair. He asked me to use a scissors and cut off the long locks at the back (first photo); afterwards he clipped, snipped, shaved away until Grant looked like a new pin!

Now that's better, dear!

Thanks for the comments about the cat-tree in our lounge. Once it had been brought in, I realised that the cats couldn't jump up from the floor into two of the boxes. So Grant sent Martin and one carpenter here to make suitable adjustments. They added a lower deck below the two "problem" boxes respectively.  On Sunday Grant glued strips of carpeting to the decks, the top of each box and added fitted carpets inside.
You have to live with cats to know how inquisitive they are! Here Shadow and Ambrose inspect the carpet while Grant cuts the pieces
Grant cuts the carpet to size on the deck/step below the box

Last week I posted about a hen and chicken in my garden. I also wrote about a hen who had ten chickens in the adult chicken run at the Guest House and how I'd brought her and the babies home as well. On Friday I was feeding some greens to the Guest House chickens when I noticed a newly-hatched chicken in the run. I called Kyemba, the gardener to help me catch the mother hen. Kyemba then carried the sqawking mama-hen over to my house with me, holding the chicken following behind. We placed the hen and chicken in our small overnight chicken house to acclimatise. When we let her out later on, she was soon clucking and encouring her baby to eat the lovely fresh grass and plentiful insects in the garden.

When I returned to the chicken run, I checked on the second hen sitting on eggs. As I put my hand under her, I felt a fluffy little body. I wondered why she'd already hatched one chicken when still sitting on seven or eight eggs. (The two hens had sat very close together and obviously she'd gathered the first one's eggs under herself!) I left the chicken right there as I imagined that the hen knew what she was doing!

On Sunday I was concerned that the chicken was still under its mother while she sat on her eggs. So  I called Kyemba and told him I wanted to remove all the eggs under that hen and take her and ONE chick over to my garden. Kyemba doesn't speak much English but told me I must not destroy the hen's eggs as they'd hatch soon. So I said I wanted her to get out and show her chick how to eat, when he said, "but this chicken's mother is at your house!"  So I put my hand under the hen who gave me a good peck for my trouble, pulled out the new chicken and together Kyemba and I walked over to my house! 

Edwin, my gate guard,  helped us  catch the first hen and single chick; we placed her and with TWO chicks now, in the outhouse. I gave them a little mashed maize and shut the door.  A while later I peeked in and saw she was sitting on the floor with both her chicks under her! We'll let them out today and another bunch of happy chickens will enjoy my garden!  

The little chicken in the front was left under another broody hen when Kyemba and I brought its mum and sibling over to my garden!

I hope you all have a great week ahead. (We have two very special occassions this week,  but more about this later...)


  1. Hi Jo, grant looks great with his new hair cut. Sounds like the project will make your kitties happy. It looks neat. I love the hen and her chicks, how cute. I am also happy to see you have your internet back. Great photos, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. Like the haircut. I used to cut my husband and son's hair all the time. Not my own, even the bangs, which thank goodness are now growing out.

  3. Hi Jo, I cut George's hair now... I couldn't do it unless he wore it short (which he does). I can do THAT cut..... BUT--I don't cut my own.. Grant looks fabulous with his new haircut... He looks alot younger.

    Love the cat-tree... That is awesome!!!!

    AND--I loved reading about your chickens and their babies....

    Hope you have a great week.

  4. I love Grant's new hair cut. He looks terrific! And that Cat Tree...I'd like to have one.

    So glad you are taking care of the chickens.

  5. Wow ! what a changement ! From a hippie he now looks like a Bank's General Manager, lol ! Great job !
    And now you also have chicken. I am curious what else you will find !
    Tomorrow I am off to the South of France and will blog from there.

  6. Great job on Grant's haircut!
    And I love the baby chicks!!

  7. I like Grant's haircut--he looks great! I've cut my husband's hair every 6 or so weeks since we were married in 1976--so almost 36 years! I also cut my sons' hair when they lived at home, and sometimes even when they came home from college. They're still not so keen on going to a barber or hair salon, so usually they each shave their own heads when their hair gets long and then it grows out evenly all over till it's time for the next head-shaving.

    Grant is such a good sport--fixing up the cat tree with a lower step and with carpet. Those cats are fortunate to have you and Grant as their owners!

    It was nice to read the happy ending to the story of the misplaced chick being returned to its mama. Baby chicks are SO cute!

  8. Jo! As always, I loved reading your blog. It is always so interesting. I'm so glad I stopped by tonight, altho I have been very tired for the past 4 weeks. Forgive me for not responding more and do keep the up the great work here.

  9. Well, the chickens are another reason for you to keep the cats inside. They're so cute when they're babies, aren't they?
    And Grant looks rather cute himself, now. I agree with Betsy, he does look younger.
    I love the pictures of the cats inspecting the carpet as he's cutting it. when I had cats, they had to know everything that went on. Lindy, however, will sleep through anything, unless it involves food.
    Looking forward to more cat tree photos.
    Luv, K


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