Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cat Tree

At last I'm able to do another post. My Internet connection is still erratic but to top it all, in between something went horribly wrong with my Upload Editor. It's only thanks to Diane of Adventure before Dementia that I managed to correct it. I also have another modem and hope that this ensures I have better and regular Internet. Thanks to all for still visiting me even though I've been so absent from your posts.

Now for some cat-news.

As many of you know, in Kenya Ginger had the run of Chebutie Camp. We inherited him there and he was known as the Boss Cat. Even after we'd given him a secure home and regular food and love, he'd often disappear for two days and return hungry as the proverbial horse. (He was left behind in Kenya when we departed as he'd gone on one of his "walkabouts" two days before!) When Ginger was home, he spent most of his time lying around in the garden, or if he was feeling energetic, he'd hare up a tree, turn around and slide down again.

Shadow, who lived indoors in Khartoum and later in South Africa, became a garden cat after I spent three months walking him on a leash. (More about this later)  Just before we left Kenya, I'd started teaching Ambrose how to behave on a leash.

Now we live in an enclosed garden which would be ideal for the three cats to roam around and relax in. BUT we have two dogs in the garden too. (I posted about Busta and Toffee recently) And these dogs would chase my cats up over the fence and they'd probably run all the way back to Kenya! Needless to say, all three boys are now indoor cats and seem quite happy.

And, because they are unable to go out and climb a few of the amazing trees in our garden, I asked Grant to  find a dry tree stump and prepare it for the cats. He did; this week the carpenters brought the paka mti/cat tree in to the lounge.
Martin and his carpenters carry the cat tree inside the house

I'd asked Grant to have three boxes attached to the branches. These have since been fitted with carpets inside and on top

The proud craftsmen pose with their masterpiece. Amazingly, they didn't even bat a collective eye at the reason for this project!
Ambrose was the first one up the tree and into a box! The cats were a little put off by the smell of varnish which has since disappeared
Finally later that first night, all three cats were on the tree and inspecting their new toy!
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  1. Good to see you back Jo. I see the cats continue to be pampered. That was a great idea to get the cat tree built and I think the workmen did a great job. I'm sure all three of the boys will love it.

    My cat was also a housecat when I adopted her. Prior to that she had been fending for herself outside as I think she was out discovering and got lost. Every now and then she would disappear if she happned to get out, just like Ginger. But she would always find her way back to me. Once I took her when I had to help my sister who was sick and my cat got out. She was gone for two weeks and I thought I'd lost her for good. She found her way back to me. Other than her escaping infrequently she really seemed quite content indoors.

  2. Oh, how fun! Fun for the cats and fun for you to watch! Great idea, Jo, and they did a terrific job! Hope your weekend has gone well! Enjoy!


  3. What a perfect solution and it's sculptural as well. They took to this quickly. But too bad they can't use the garden.

  4. You are so thoughtful for your animals. It is a great idea. They are sure to like it. An interesting piece of furniture. A good talking point for visitors.
    I'm glad I could help with your blogging problem, I astound myself.

  5. Wow Jo...what a fantastic cat tree...just lovely! I bet your cats are overjoyed at their new toy and the exercise they will get...

  6. That cat tree is SO COOL! You are a creative genius to come up with that idea, Jo! What fun for the boys. Have they ever yet slept in the boxes?

  7. I am glad that you have your Internet back (although with up and downs) what a great cat tree ! The workers probably think now, that you are crazy to do that for cats, lol ! They certainly will be happy with their tree. I think they don't want to go outside, because they hear the dogs !

  8. Wonderful to hear from you, Jo, and a cat-update is always my favourite.
    Too bad they can't go outside, but you seem to have provided them with a tree of their own, with "nesting boxes" — okay, "resting boxes" — of their own. Have they each picked out their own? In the final photo it looks like youngest on top and eldest on the bottom box.
    Missed you, but I'm so glad Diane was able to help.
    Luv, K


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