Friday, June 7, 2013

Blogger and cold conditions

This morning Grant and I left our home on camp in Mwadui at 4am n the first leg of our journey to South Africa. The weather was mild to warm, as always. We arrived at Mwanza airport at 6.30am, and as the check-in counter only opened at 7am, we waited outside in biting wind. (You guessed it; we were dressed for Mwadui temps of 31degrees Celsius.) Mwanza clocked in at 19 degrees that time of the morning. By the time we'd checked in our one piece of luggage, we were blue with the cold. 

We've since landed in Dar es Salaam where the weather is considerably warmer, albeit very windy. The irony of this is that tomorrow morning we board our flight for South Africa at 6am and land in Johannesburg around 10.20am. The weather forecast is between 5 and 19 degrees Celsius! Brrr. Our thin African blood is going to take a beating.

Very windy, but warm weather in Dar Es Salaam today

Yesterday before I packed up my Ultra book for traveling, I went onto Blogger and that's as far as I got. I was unable to open a post, I could not check my comments and although I could read other blogger posts, I couldn't comment.

When I logged on with the hotel's WiFi this afternoon, I opened Blogger and validated all the [many] comments! Thanks to all who have commented and my sincere apologies for not visiting your blogs. I'm in transit but hope to be back in the swing of cyber-socializing again this weekend once we're settled in at home!

May you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I hope you haven't cought a cold like I did in Shakespear's town ! The wind was ice cold and I had left my wind jacket in the bus !

  2. Hi Jo, Blogger and broadband are ruling (ruining) our lives! 19% would be considered quite a balmy temp over here, its 23 today and we are almost prostrate with the heat!Safe travelling

  3. Have a safe trip and lovely visit home!

  4. Sounds like you had a grueling travel day, Jo! I get cold really easily, so I would have been an unhappy icicle in those cold temps! I'm glad you had a bit of internet access and were able to leave comments for people, including me! Have a great time in SA!

  5. Take care not to get sick with all these weather changes.

  6. You just stay warm and Well girlfriend!!

  7. It doesn't seem long ago when you were travelling to SA before or does time just whiz past me. Have a safe trip.


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