Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Nsia

Yesterday the ladies of Mwadui got together at the Williamson's Guest House. Amanda and I had arranged a surprise birthday party for our dear friend, Nsia. We'd also organized with Nsia's boss, Richard* to get her to the venue using whatever reason he thought of. He told Nsia they had a meeting with the General Manager which sent the poor young lady into a total spin.

As we saw Richard's car arrive, I stood near the front door to get a photo of the birthday girl as she walked in and saw, instead of a board of men meeting, all her friends waiting to welcome her to a surprise party!

Rina* (Richard's wife)  hugs Nsia who is overcome with emotions!  Amanda looks on

Nsia bubbling and excited at her party!

Amanda, Louise, I, my kitchen staff and the WDL kitchen staff made this delicious array of treats

Three WDL Guest House staff: Chef Constantine, Asst Manager Suzy and Chef Peter

Amanda baked and decorated the birthday cake

While the guests helped themselves to refreshments, Louise noticed I was taking photos. So she told me to stand with Amanda and Richard while she snapped us! 

Amanda, Jo and Richard

Birthday girl, Nsia still smiling from ear to ear! 

 Guests tuck into the eats

Nsia cuts the cake while we all sing to her

 The Ladies of Mwadui: Front row from left: Stella, Gertrude,  Nsia (Birthday girl), Margeret, Back row from left: Linda,  Amanda, Rina, Louise and Jo (Photo taken by Rob)

Collage by Amanda using the Instagram feature on her Tab!

In the evening we all met again at the club where Rob, Nsia's husband had brought in delicious Asian snacks. 


* * Richard and Rina * * own the kittens I babysat. 


  1. What a great birthday celebration for a lovely young lady!! Looks as though you all had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing the fun, Jo!!

  2. I sure like the way you folks celebrate.

  3. Happy Birthday to Nsia! What a nice surprise party. The cake looks yummy!

  4. Surprise parties are always the best. Specially if there is a love table full of eats.

  5. Happy Birthday to Nsia!! She looks Very surprised!!Hahaa

  6. Looks like a fun party, JO. It's always nice to make someone's day with a special surprise, and I think you accomplished that for Nsia.

  7. Wow, two birthday parties in one day, both with food. I'm amazed you stay so slim, Jo.
    It's wonderful how everyone takes care of one another at the camp.
    Luv, K

  8. What fun a surprise party. It all looks very civilised out there in the back blocks of Africa.

  9. Happy Birthday to Nsia!! It is so wonderful to see someone who is clearly delighted with the birthday surprise. Kudos to those of you who pulled off a wonderful birthday for Nsia.

  10. Happy birthday to Nsia! She is a lovely young woman with a great smile! You ladies are so sweet in putting together a great party with loads of delicious foods for Nsia. What fun!


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