Sunday, June 2, 2013

Getting to know...

...the kittens!

This is Ambrose with the weekly update on the kittens. Hi Bozo and all my mom's blog friends; this week I got to meet the kittens! And play with them!

Here I meet Topsy 

I'm nervous, he's the first cat I know that's smaller than I am

While I played with Topsy, Tipsy came to join in the fun!

And suddenly we were playing too!

Eventually I was too tired to play - and so were the kittens! 

 Ginger and Shadow didn't join in at all. Mom says they'll play too "rough" with the kittens! 

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  1. Glad you got to meet the kittens.

  2. Hey did they scare ya?!!!

    Have fun!!


  3. Those kittens will keep you in shape! Very cute, have fun!

  4. It is fun meeting the new kittens. Have fun!

  5. Looks like lots of fun! I'm thinking about getting another cat...just don't know how our Buddy will accept it if I do!

  6. Ginger and Shadow look too sleepy to play with the kittens, Ambrose, so it's nice that you have two smaller companions.
    Love the photos!
    Kay and Lindy

  7. It looks like Ambrose had fun with the kittens. Cute photos of your kitties, Jo.


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