Sunday, June 9, 2013

Home alone

Hi Bozo and all mum's blog readers. Yes, it's Ambrose posting again. We (Ginger, Shadow and Ambrose) are home alone in Mwadui while our yoomens go to a far place for a L O N G time! Ginger even tried to stop mum from leaving by sitting on her back pack! 

But still they left...

Oh, well, meantime I'll go through mum's photos and see what she's doing in that place without us.

Uh-oh! She's got another cat! I KNEW it! 

A really fat-cat!

Meanwhile we're being taken good care of by our own da-da/sister/carer Regina here at home in Tanzania!

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  1. Not another cat to share your yoomans with!!!!!

  2. Cute kitties, I know you are not left alone! Regina will be taking good care of you!

  3. Oh, you poor dear cats, left alone again. At least you get to stay in your own home with someone to take good care of you.
    I don't think your mom will be bringing the fat-cat home.
    Love, Auntie Kay and Lindy

  4. Ginger, you are supposed to get inside one of the suitcases!
    Who am I to talk? I've missed every trip.

  5. Ambrose is perceptive and witty!


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