Friday, February 26, 2016

Full moon Feb 2016

Full moon 21 February 2016; 13 days; visibility: 99%
Full moon, 22 February 2016; 14 days; Visibility 100%
Full moon 23 February 2016; 15 days; visibility: 100%

All the above shots of the moon were taken from my home in Marquard.
Waning Gibbous, 16 Days; visibility 99%

The shot above was taken from my friend's home in Bloemfontein. I stayed over with her daughter (my friend and husband live and work in Tanzania) while Grant was in hospital. I didn't want to open the window and disturb the young lady with the noise! 
Waning Gibbous taken yesterday morning from the Marquard Golf Course. 17 days old and visibility 94%

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  1. Beautiful moon and wonderful captures, Jo!! Thank you for sharing!! I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Beautiful captures as always, Jo!! Thank you for sharing the beauty!! I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  3. Gorgeous shots.

  4. Hello JO, gorgeous captures of the moon. They are all wonderful photo. I hope all is well with Grant and I pray he has a quick recovery! Happy skywatching, enjoy your weekend!

  5. that big old beautiful moon has led us to the pool every morning this week, i can hardly drive for staring at it. at 5:30 am it is right in the middle of the road we travel. great shots

  6. These moon shots are just amazing !

  7. Beautiful moon shots. I like the detail you capture!


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