Sunday, February 28, 2016

I'm late!

Hi Bozo and Mum's blogger friends; it's Ambrose and I'm late with my post. I only came in L A T E last night and got a scolding from Mum. The yoomens don't know how nice it is out there chasing bugs and frogs in the moonlight.

What's that, Unca Shadow? 

Oh, did you see me sleeping under the bush in the neighbor's garden? Mmm. Well, I woke up in the dark and then went hunting! 

And no, I didn't take note of Mum calling and banging the food bowls to get my attention! 

Anyway, Mum asked me to tell you about EDDY the old doggie who went missing in the week. There were bangs and lights in the sky (yes, in the day time) and Mum says Eddy was lying panting under the book table in the lounge. Then Mum went out to help another old lady...

What's that, Unca Shadow? Oh, did she help Bammie! Ooh. That takes time.

When Mum returned, she fed the BIG dog but Eddy wasn't around. She looked in the garage where Eddy sleeps at night, in the garden room, in case the gardeners had locked her in there. She checked the house again, although Eddy never comes indoors unless she's afraid of the sky bangs and lights. 

The next day Mum took the big dog for his walk early in the morning. He hadn't been since L O N G ago, because Mum and our yoomen dad were away. Erica looked after us. But I heard Mum say that although the big dog enjoyed his walk, he kept looking for Eddy. Mum even posted about taking Skabenga to see the cows near the golf course to help his loneliness! 

Skabenga and Eddy love running on the golf course

The day Eddy was missing, Skabenga kept looking for her on the golf course
Mum took him to meet the cows...

When the gardeners arrived that morning, suddenly Eddy came streaking around the corner onto the patio. Eddy had been locked into the men's shower and toilet!

Everyone is happy that Eddy didn't go outside and get confused. I heard Mum say she's becoming deaf. 
Meanwhile, Unca Shadow and I enjoy climbing the many trees in Mum's garden

Doing what kitties like doing second-best. We like sleeping the best!

Comin' down...

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  1. Thank goodness Eddy is okay. I was beginning to get worried about him especially since you said he is going deaf.

  2. Our Baqrney doesn't like bangs and lights in the sky either. Poor Eddy getting locked in the doghouse.

  3. OH no, poor Eddy! I am glad all was well. Love the tree climbing shots. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. i am so so so very happy that Eddy is ok, poor baby locked in side.. i must say you kitties remind me of cougars, big wild cats here, climbing up and down in those trees... i love a story with a happy ending.

  5. Dogs always look happy and stupid when running

  6. Poor Eddy he must have been hungry and thirsty, what a relief for all of you to have him back !


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