Saturday, February 20, 2016

A month on...

...since our first summer rains.

On 11 January this year, we had our first good rains of the summer. A total of 75mm fell in one afternoon and early evening. I took photos of the rain, the dog playing in puddles in the rain and of my dried out garden, awash with rain water. 
The driveway and garden awash in the first rains of summer

Jacob weeding the garden
John wisely chose the shade to his gardening

The brunsfelsia in the first photo, now covered in blooms

Rina loves exotics (I'm partial to indigenous). 
This is Katie, the Dahlia which belonged to Rina's mom, Katie
The dogs follow me around the garden. The lawn i the front garden had all but died off
The garden along the driveway three weeks after the rains
One of the many roses in my garden at the moment
A pretty bowl of succulents next to my healthy Leonotis Leonurus/Lion's Ear

I managed to water my Gazanias by hand during the drought and saved three out of the dozen plants in this bed 
The plumbago shrub above is also a reliable, resilient plant

A healthy bulbine flowering profusely after the summer rains
 Driving from the city earlier this week (no, we didn't have a doctor's appointment - that's THIS Monday) Grant pointed out a herd of Charolais cattle 

Seconds later he told me to look ahead - to the overhead bridge...
Horses crossing the highway in a safe manner
Driving to the city early that morning, Grant pointed to a front-end loader on the side of the road. He was mighty relieved when we returned, to see people working on the machine
A large moth on my kitchen table yesterday morning
Grant is repairing farm quad vehicles. Yesterday I snapped John pushing Jacob who was steering a quad from the front gate to the garage

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  1. It's lovely to see the garden all abloom after the drought earlier. It is also cool to see horses crossing the bridge. I've never seen that before. I'm hoping and praying all will go well and as planned on Monday. (I've just returned safely home from a trip up country to mom's. The road conditions were very good though raining much of my time away).

  2. Despite the lack of rain your garden looks beautiful !!

  3. Hi Jo I am sure you are so glad the rains have cocme to bring your garden back to green and life. Lovely to see the changes and flowers that you managed to save. I am now back after a very long, over 24 hour journey so am quite tired and have a bit of jet lag so decided not to go on the church walk today. Just chilling out. I thought you knew i wa in Joburg. It was 2014 and it would have been lovely to talk with you. Maybe sometime I am coming back to MAlawi I can visit you. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hello Jo!
    A rain like this is memorable, isn't it?!
    Your garden is always fantastic and colorful, full of life!
    Have a wonderful weekend


  5. they look like they are having fun with the quad.. that life giving rain has changed your yard into
    spring and a paradise. I love weeds more than exotic.. and most of your plants here we have here, a lot of them in our back yard. so pretty

  6. Hello Jo, so glad you had some much needed rain. I love the dahlia and the pretty rose. Your garden is looking beautiful. It is always nice to see your sweet Skabenga and Eddy. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!


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