Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A birthday party

Yesterday morning I sent a birthday message to my Parkrun nemesis motivator inspiration, Marelize who has a coffee and gift shop in the Valley. A few hours later I received a Whatsapp from another friend, Ann Gray inviting me to join her at Marelize' shop at 3pm for coffee and Marelize' famous honey-baked cheese cake. 

I closed up shop at about 2h50 as the veranda had become very quiet. I'd also done excellent sales yesterday and felt I could take a break! 

It was a very small and intimate little group of friends. 
 Jo (moi), Ann, Lily, Marelize (birthday girl) and Doreen 
Ironically we were all wearing shades of blue! 

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  1. Jo! You shaved your head! I'm surprised because it's your winter. It was nice you had an intimate party for your friend. xx

  2. It sounds, and looks, like a perfect way to celebrate. To celebrate birthdays and friendship.

  3. here is the USA blue is the in color this year, every store is full of all shades of blue in clothing and in linens... glad you got to have a break with friends.

  4. Hello, lovely group of ladies. Happy Birthday to Marelize! Have a great day!

  5. Fun!
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Good to get together with friends!

  7. Here I go again, Jo. My comments keep escaping me. O well, I was saying something frivolous about your hair or lack thereof. You're looking good, my dear friend. I'm so glad you are keeping active, and never far from those who love you. Hugs from here.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Best kind of party to have ~ happy birthday to the Birthday girl ~

    Happy Times to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Lovely gathering of beautiful ladies. New hair cut?

  10. Hello Jo, lovely that you stopped by today. I'm going to try to get added to your Follower list that way I know when you post here. I feel I'm missing a lot - such as the royal wedding being celebrated far away in SA, and seeing you in a fascinator, so adorable! My mum grew up in Windsor as her dad was in the Coldstream Guards and attached to the castle - I LOVE Windsor and thought it was a perfect setting for the beautiful wedding. . . . . . even the English weather cooperated for a change!

    Your girlfriends here look so great - I know you must have a fun time together. Glad to know you are managing without Grant to help you - stay strong, I'm sure he is looking out for you from a better place.

    I noticed your buzzed hair too - and being so pretty you wear it well! I would like to go to my natural color now - which of course is grey - and my hairdresser says the best way would be to shave my head and let it grow back grey (but I'd have to wear a wig!) as bleaching out the red/brunette color would ruin my hair anyway! Not sure I can do that yet - but it's a thought.

    Here in North Carolina is hot, wet and humid, a really unusual May for our region. Tonight I watched an amazing National Geographic nature program about saving the giraffes in Namibia. I wish I could return to Africa one more time - seeing the landscape and animals on the screen took me back to my past wonderful visits.

    Stay well dear - hugs, Mary

  11. That,s always fun to get together for a coffee and cake ! what happened to your hair ?? I first thought you were bald ! Got a shock because one of my friends lost her hair but because of cancer !


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