Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sacred Ibis

Hello fellow bloggers and birdwatchers.Recent times have seen me with untold Internet issues. At work and at home. So, while it's been difficult to regularly post on my own blog, I've also been unable to visit yours blogs. Please forgive me; I hope and pray that the challenges are receding! 

As always, when on the road to and from work, I'm on the look-out for birds. Last week I saw a flock of Sacred Ibis in the cattle paddock as I drive up the farm road. I noticed that some looked a little different to their flock-mates and stopped to photograph them! 
 Sacred Ibis (top and below)

 A juvenile Sacred Ibis - feathers are still sparse on the neck giving it mottled look

 Foraging for dinner
 An adult Sacred Ibis preening its feathers
 And ending up with one in its bill! 

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  1. What a strange looking bird! I don't think I have ever seen one of those around here.

  2. really nice looking birds, our Ibis are solid white as adults, with red/orange beaks, no black on them like these. sorry for the internet woes... that would make me crazy

  3. Nice to see these birds up close. Thanks for sharing Jo!

  4. A very strange bird to my eyes!

    I'm having internet issues myself, hoping they'll go away in a few hours. Several of the blogs I follow are being marked as suspicious and not allowing me access.

  5. Those beaks look as big as a scythe.....yikes...

  6. Lovely collection of photos, well done Jo. Hope you have a good remainder to the week. Diane

  7. Great photos of the ibis, Jo. I also enjoyed the kitty photos in the post below. Sorry to hear about the internet woes.

  8. Nice series of shots. Love that last one. :)

  9. Very interesting birds! Great photos!


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