Sunday, May 13, 2018

First snow of the year

As South Africans, people are always highly excited about snow. It's not a normal phenomena so the tourists have poured into the valley from the cities. I've had people in the shop asking how they can get to the snow.. I tell them you'd have to have climbed up the mountains for at least a day and a half and then be prepared for icy conditions and wet traversing, especially once you get to the top! 

They say "awww" and go outside the center and take photos of each other with the snow in the background! 



  1. Wow. We have had a fall of snow nearby too. And would have been able to see it on the mountains if the clouds had lifted.

  2. Glad it is your snow and not ours. I am n0t a happy person when the weather is cold at all let alone snow! Have a good week, Diane


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