Sunday, May 24, 2020

Cows and dogs cooling, a lifer and new calf

Hello everyone. I'm a day late at posting on Eileen's meme again, Internet slowness and my notebook needed updating. Which needed Internet! A vicious circle.

An LBJ has caught my attention in the past weeks. I asked my SIL Shelley for an ID. She narrowed it down to a pippit. According to my bird book, it looks like a Buffy pippit. Any birders out there, please help? 
 Buffy Pippit -a lifer for me

As always on our walk  we see cows! They were coming home to be milked...

 But first, cool the hooves...
... and have a drink 
 Skabby beat a hasty retreat! 
 Mmmm, making good milk 
 The sun was already low on the horizon 
 A newborn calf with a big voice !
Mum watches the  human and dog carefully 
My little car is a year old this month this week. And has had ten weeks of rest. And was filthy dirty! 
After Thandi's loving touch, it's fresh inside and sparkling outside 

I'm linking to Saturday Critters here

I trust you're all keeping well and safe. Happy Sunday to you ! 


  1. cute little pipit...and lovely calf...

    Have a great weekend

  2. your car is as cute as that baby calf... i love the expression on mamas face as she watches you...

  3. Hello,
    Is the Buffy Pipit a new birds for you, congrats on your sighting. I love the cattle and new calf is adorable. I always love seeing your sweet Skabby! Your car is cute, my car is covered with green pollen. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week! PS, thank you for the visit and comment.

  4. I loved walking with you. Many thanks.
    And our car could do with Thandi's magic too.

  5. I was a day behind posting for her too! But got it in too. I they are enjoying themselves especially the pup, and what a sweet calf!


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