Sunday, May 24, 2020

Injured Kitty Journalist

Hello Mum's blogger friends and their kitties and dogs. This is Ambrose, with an injured paw. I couldn't tell Mum where I'd hurt it and as she tried to apply wound powder, I hissed at her and batted her with my good paw. 

She says I should be fine as I ate all my breakfast and came in later and had a lunch snack of kitty kibbles. 
 Mama and Missy on Mum's bed 

Some afternoons I get to Mum's bed first and claim the spot. Mama then hides and sleeps in Mum's closet - on her clothes ! 
 I, Ambrose and Missy on Mum's bed! 
 Mama bought a new type of Kitty Kibbles. Chappie enjoying the first serving 
 Chappie's bowls says : "Feed me MEOW"

In the week, I sat on the fence pole. Mum thinks I may have a splinter in my paw from this.
 I like to be King of the Castle 
 Mum snapped the dog's paws - he'd been swimming! 
I heard Mum telling him not to come indoors until the mud dries and falls off! 


  1. Seems like you all enjoyed your new kibbles. No bed wars there, it's first come, first picking the spot to rest on and then staying there for the rest of the day. :) The big question is did the dog listen to his Mum before coming in?
    Have a wonderful day and new week ahead.

  2. Poor Ambrose. I hope your poor sore paw gets better soon.
    All the clothing in this house is covered in a layer of cat fur. Of course.

  3. Oh poor Ambrose, I hope you get better soon.

  4. oh Ambrose, i am so sorry you hurt your paw and hope it is not a splinter and pray that if it will it will fester and come out.. poor baby.. i actually laughed at those gorgeous wet muddy PAWS... what a sweet photo

  5. Hello, Ambrose
    I hope you paw is healing. You must take care. Cute photos of all the kitty family and Skabby's paws. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  6. Cute visi with your precocious kitty!

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