Sunday, May 31, 2020

Critters and business news

Uh-oh, I'm late posting again. I won't say why. It's most frustrating to say the least. I've come into the farm office to post to my blog as the WiFi is a lot stronger here than when it has to reach across the lawn.

Once again , I have lovely photos of our walk. As always, the Grey Heron was sunning itself under the nearest bank. It flew over to the other side and stood there watching us. 
 Grey Heron

 As always Skabby dived into the dam and splashed about happily. 
 The heron didn't move. Its reflection was so clear in the water below
 I got the rippled effect  caused by the doggie dip

Back home, my vegetable garden, which Thandi and Joyce prepared and planted, is thriving! 

 Kale seedlings doing well... are the cauliflower seedlings! 

And my piece d'resistiance (no image, just info)  Please bear with me Eileen, using your meme to impart my news:)

Earlier this week, the founder and chairman of Weigh-Less appointed me one of the virtual Group Leaders for online groups. Since South Africa's Lockdown from 27 March, we have all led Virtual groups. And well. We're entering Lockdown Level 3 tomorrow, 1 June and although churches are permitted to gather, Weigh-Less will not be running groups in venues yet. Once this happens, my group members, 80 plus, will be weighed in venues again and under strict Covid-19 regulations. 


I will also be running the Virtual group of members who lives many miles from my regular venues. I have signed up 14 members since end March, from all over South Africa. And this week I signed on a member in Melbourne, Australia. So exciting. 

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen, here



  1. Rather nice looking heron there

  2. Hello, Love the Grey Heron and your sweet Skabby taking a dip! Sorry your wifi is acting up. It is exciting being appointed the virtual group leader to the weight loss members. I am sure you will be busy. Your veggies look like they are growing well. Take care! Thanks for the link up and sharing your post. You are welcome any time. Have a happy day and a great new week! PS, I appreciate your comment too.

  3. that is really exciting about the virutal groups. are you using zoom? or something else? i have not seen one or been on a group anything.. we are hoping to start our meetings again on June 25 under strict guidelines of course

  4. Skabby loves his usual dip in the dam, he probably gets excited when walking in that direction. Nice heron shot, I love herons. Congrats on becoming a virual group leader and getting some new members even one from Australia. Have a wonderful new week, Jo and say safe.

  5. Congratulations. I love that you can still provide a valuable service.
    I thoroughly enjoyed walking with you too.

  6. Congrats on your efforts. I am also behind on reading. Stay well.


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