Saturday, May 9, 2020

Virtual graduation during Lockdown

Good evening to my dear Blogger friends. I'm so thrilled I am online this evening and able to post an extra post before joining Eileen at Saturday Critters tomorrow. And of course, on Sunday, Ambrose annexes my blog page. 

As the sign of the times, today I attended a Virtual Graduation Ceremony followed by a delicious lunch. I was the official photographer, using my Canon Camera although the Smartphone cameras owned by family were clicking around me too. 

Derryn, daughter of the younger farmer and his wife, has graduated cum lauda with a Bachelor of Education. 
 The D for Derryn who passed with Distinction - cake . Sweet little mortar board on the tip of the letter 
 Times are certainly different. If you graduated during Lockdown 2020, caused by Covid-19, you had a virtual graduation Ceremony - at home! 
 Congratulations Derryn! 
 11001 students graduated this year. Derryn, one of these, poses her with her pup, Blue
 Beautiful and brainy, Derryn poses with a bouquet from her boyfriend, Jeremy's parents 
 Derryn and Jeremy

 John and Ronnie, proud grandparents, pose with Derryn
 Derryn with her proud parents, Janine and Gavin
 Janine, newly appointed head of the Winterton Primary School, with Derryn 

Derryn was determined to perform the victory throw which students do together. She tossed her home crafted mortar board into the air several times while Jeremy (using her phone) and I with my Canon on sports mode, tried to get the perfect shot. This was my effort. 
 The victory throw! 
 The table setting was exquisite depicting a graduation dinner, right down to the Ferrero Roch chocolates wearing motar boards 

Jenna played a recording of Gaudeamus Igitur, which she, Derryn and Mom Janine sang word perfect while Derryn cut the celebration cake. 

Derryn cuts the graduation cake 

What a wonderful family I live with! 


  1. That is indeed lovely. And congratulations to Derryn.

  2. Congratulations to Derryn. Not the graduation celebration she had anticipated but it looks like it was a good one any way

  3. congratulations to the graduate, these virtual celebrations are becoming the new normal here also. from birthdays and graduations to annivesary dinners.

  4. Things are definitely different these days with virtual ceremonies. They are doing it here as well. It looks like she had a lovely and meaningful celebration.


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