Sunday, May 31, 2020

Spoiled kitties of the Hedges household

Hello Mum's blogger friends; this is Ambrose with a healed paw! Thanks for all the kind wishes. 

Mum took photos this week of we kitties having breakfast - mostly in bed! 
 Missy had breakfast on Mum's bed 
 I, Ambrose, was served on the chair under the veranda table 
 Mama is old school, and got up for breakfast
Last week, Chappie was shown here - on the kitchen counter 
 And it's cold now so we kitties are sitting around the hot spot

But when Mum brings out the vacuum cleaner, I am the only one who isn't afraid of the noise 


  1. Glad to hear that Ambrose is OK, he is my favorite blogging cat. We are heading into summer here in CA in the US, so no more heaters for the cats. We have one that stays outside, will not come in, so he has a bed with an old heating pad on low all winter. We never get much below 0 centigrade, so he stays toasty roasty all winter. Another one lives in the workshop in the winter, and it is warm in there all of the time. The two extremely spoiled Siamese run the house inside, and we are just the help that keeps the food bowls going and the litter box clean. What a life.

  2. Big boy is like you, unafraid of the vaccumn.. all our other dogs left the room .. everyone has there own bowl and is served in their place of choice. I LOVE IT..

  3. Sweet. Wish I COULD have breakfast in bed! You're all so very precious.

  4. The old reliable vacuum cleaner still gets everyone's attention at the push of a button. I guess Mum is a tough old cat, can't fool her. :)

  5. The suck monster sends Jazz running for cover.
    You are very brave.

  6. Mama Cat looks like she wants to get after blogging baby and the other youngsters!


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