Saturday, December 5, 2020

A cuckoo sighting and other critters

 Hello dear Blogger friends; once again I am here on a Saturday, catching up with my blogging and visiting. 

On Thursday as I was loading my car for my Weigh-Less group in the Valley, I heard a Diderick Cuckoo calling... in a tree above where I was standing. I had my camera on the passenger seat. I picked it up and walked around the farm yard trying to spot the bird. It was calling incessantly: dee-dee-deederick.

Gavin, the other, younger farmer, saw me; he went to his Prado to look for his binoculars and as he faced upwards,  he saw the bird. He called me into their backyard and although it was very high up, I managed to zoom in and get a sort-of photo. Apologies for the poor quality but here it is:

Diderick Cuckoo female

Skabby has rallied and doing well after his spell with vets and meds. He's still on antibiotics but he's well mended. 
He loves his daily swim

Blogger has been a challenge today. Uploads fail; I can't enlarge my images. 

Wildflowers on our walk 

A daisy type flower 

A close-up of the first image 

Blogger has been a challenge today; uploads fail; I can't enlarge images. 

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  1. Hello, Jo
    Is was nice of your neighbor to help find the Diderick Cuckoo, I like your photo. I am so glad Skabby has recovered and is doing well. The wildflowers are beautiful, a lovely sight to see. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thanks for leaving me a comment.

  2. Awesome spotting of the cuckoo bird! I'd love seeing it in person.

    Sweet dog & beautiful wildflowers.

    Ps...if you'd like, stop by my bird photo blog & add your link to this post!! Url to I'd Rather B birdin' is at the top of my personal blog.

  3. Glad to hear that Skabby is doing better. New Blogger is FREQUENTLY painful. I think that their 'fix' has broken a number of things which used to work well.

  4. Bad luck about blogger. I don't like their new platform prefer the old. So glad Skabby is doing well. Hope you are keeping okay.

  5. Great shot of the Diderick Cuckoo. Glad Skabby is back and doing good.
    Have a wonderful day, Jo.

  6. That Cuckoo is beautiful! We sometimes see a similar one here but not this year!

  7. Blogger is a catastrophe for the moment ! I don't get The comments in My emails! Since they have changed TO make italien more easy it has become very complicated ! -what does Skabby had ?? Was he sick ??

  8. First let me say I am so very very happy to hear that our dear Govinda is feeling better I was truly worried about him. You know how much I love him. I think we all agree blogger has been pretty much a catastrophe for the past few months and probably by the time they get the bugs all out of it they'll change something else! I have never seen a cuckoo bird not even an American wind and not one like this for sure

  9. Glad you were able to spot that bird. It's a pretty one. Glad that Skabby is feeling better.

  10. Oh Scabby is great! :) I love seeing a dog enjoying life! Great photo of the bird too! :)

  11. Beautiful photos, and I'm glad Skabby is doing much better.

  12. Glad to hear Skabby is back to his ole self. Sorry to hear about more blogger woes.


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