Tuesday, December 22, 2020

This dang Covid-19

 Good afternoon dear Blogger friends; as posted last week, I have been very busy with my accommodation. 

Since restrictions of travel and then interprovincial travel was lifted from August onwards, I have had occupation. I haven't actually done the math but I think I have had 60% occupancy through the months. And that's good. 

The months of November  I had a week (five days) and one Friday night that I didn't have guests. 

During December, I've had guests throughout. And mostly long stays. Last week I had a couple arrive on Tuesday and leave on Saturday. Then a young family arrived on Saturday afternoon and is checking out tomorrow mid-morning. Way back in November, I had a long stay reservation for December. A mature couple arriving on 23 December and checking out 2 January 2021.

On Wednesday, 
Thandi and I will go and clean after the family stay; prep and sanitize for our couple coming for Christmas and New Year. 

All good?


Today (24 hours before arrival) the lady guest phoned me to say her husband was feverish and has a wet cough. He's had a Covid test and they will know within 48 hours whether is positive or not. If not, they will be here. But as things stand now, they can only come on Thursday 24th December and not tomorrow as booked. If he is positive, that's it. They have to cancel. 

I will phone the booking agency later this evening to find out exactly what the situation is whatever the outcome.

If they have to cancel, due to this dreaded illness, I have to re-advertise my accommodation - at this late stage.

And, even though I've never met this couple, I communicated with them at length and feel as if I know them. 

Here's hoping for the best. 


  1. Definitely hoping for the best. For them and for you.

  2. Hopefully it sorts out for the best.

  3. so sorry, this is awful and will leave it vacant because it will be hard to fill during holidays this late. it is a beutiful unit. I do hope he will be ok. that is a cool way to add a bed.

  4. Hello,
    Covid is ruining so many plans. I hope the man test negative and all is well.
    The place looks beautiful! Sending happy holiday wishes!

  5. Hope all goes well for everyone

  6. Sorry to hear this news, Covid has done quite a good job messing up plans for everyone. I hope you get some good news and your guest gets a negative test result. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

  7. It's so sad. I do hope the man doesn't have it. I just heard from a blogger friend today who entire family had it and it sounds like they have been through the ringer. God bless you Jo. I hope you hear some good news.

  8. Hi Jo. And a Happy New Year to you and yours. Thandi too!

    I hope everything turned out fine for that couple's visit and that they enjoyed their stay . Your accommodation looks really good. The sort of place we like, especially with that outside barbie and seating area.


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