Sunday, December 13, 2020

Early morning walk

 Good (Sunday) morning dear Blogger friends. It's been a bit busy these days. Holiday season is upon us and I have had back-to-back guests. Thandi and I feel we can clean, sanitize and prepare for next guests in our sleep. I am very grateful for the business. And after three years, we do seem to have it off pat! I now offer breakfast which is a challenge as I live 20km from my holiday unit. But I worked around it...

My  Inhouse Self-Service Two-Day Continental Breakfast

Back to this post: Skabby and I walked very early today. We've had several days of good rains which makes our going very muddy! 

While Skabby ran ahead and sniffed at interesting trails, I stopped to photograph these LBJ's. I imagine they are female and juvenule Pin-tail Whydahs. When I downloaded the photos, I found that the birds had interesting expressions on their faces, causing me to make a little story about them! 
I'll just ignore the fidgeting next to me 
Ergh, let's get to that itch!
Do you have an itchy toe now? 
At last: peace!
Uh-oh! What's that? Who has an itch NOW? 

Mr Skabby is 100% after his recent illness and vet visits
His coat is still quite short, but the last grooming session takes place here tomorrow. So off we go for a summer clip
A pair of White-faced duck were on the dam, when Skabby jumped in for his daily dip 

Then with great noise and honking, a Spurwing landed on the water 

I'm sure it has a nest nearby as it made a big fuss until the other duck and Skabby left the water! 

White-fronted Bee-eater are prolific in my garden and all over the farm
The cows at the milking shed 

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here 



  1. Hello Jo,
    I am so happy that Skabby is feeling 100% again. Your birds photos are so cute, especially the pair of Pine-tail Whydahs. The Bee-eater is one of my favorites. The ducks are pretty. I love seeing the cattle too, they are a colorful group. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, stay safe! Happy Sunday, have a great new week ahead!

  2. PS, the breakfast at the holiday unit sounds yummy to me.

  3. you already know I am so happy to see Skabby and the cows, the bee eater fascinates me... so happy for 100 percent recovery on our sweet dog.

  4. I am thrilled to read that Skabby is back to his old self. And love the feathered enchantment (and their story) that you shared.

  5. Loved the bird conversation. Too cute. Great idea with the self serve continental breakfast

  6. Cute birds and I loved their conversation. Glad Skabby is 100% now.

  7. Glad Skabby has recovered and is doing wwll. Birds, all they do is complain when they don't like things just like us humans. :) the breaksfast sounds good and I bet people will love it. Take care, stay safe and have a wonderful new week.


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