Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A great variety of birds

Over the weekend, Grant and I went out birding on three occasions encompassing more than three hours relaxation, enjoyment and of course, birding!

I've put together a post of the new, lifers and great variety of birds we spotted. And as often happens, while you're concentrating on finding the feathered species, a couple of mammals cross your path as well. 

I also have several LBJ's which I've sent on to Jez for identification so I hope to post them at a later stage. 
 Blue-naped mousebird: I first saw this pretty bird in Kenya but over the weekend was the first time I saw it here in Tanzania 

 The first time I saw this "gory" bird, was on the apartment balcony rail in Khartoum. This weekend I managed to photograph it again

 Although we saw many Yellow-billed Storks in Kenya, this was the first one I saw in Tanzania. Apologies for the "white-out" image

The Grey-headed Kingfisher provides a perfect subject for photography 

These little buck were plentiful. There were little groups at regular intervals as we drove through the bush

Although I've posted about Namaqua doves before, I've not yet been able to get a clear photo of the female who's different from the male.

Namaqua Dove, male has a black face, a yellow-tipped red bill and a long pointed tail

 The Namaqua dove (female) lacks the black face, has a brown bill and a slightly shorter tail 

Grant and I love seeing raptors, but often find it difficult to identify them. We spotted this Gabar Goshawk last week but not being too sure about it, we sent the photos off to Jez. The positive id returned: Gabar Goshawk! 

A Gabar Goshawk who stood beautifully still while I took photos! 

The next bird is one I've posted about before. But it came towards me while I was trying to focus on a Sandpiper which just wouldn't stand still, so I captured this pretty Three-banded Plover instead. 

Three-banded plover

Then came the sighting of the day and also a lifer for me and Grant. On the dam, while I tried to focus on an egret, this long-legged waterbird walked onto my camera screen. I couldn't stop taking photos of it so I'm treating myself and my readers to several!

Black-winged Stilt
Yes, those legs are actually THAT long! 
The reflection in the water makes the Black-winged Stilt's legs look even longer! 

This image emphasizes it's name! 

As this is the only stilt in Africa, I was mighty pleased to see it last weekend.
And as if to spoil us with even more enjoyment, I managed to capture the image below in the setting sun. 
A White-browed Coucal

I'm linking my Wild Bird Wednesday post with Stewart in Australia. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful day.


  1. Wonderful set of pictures!

    Can I come for a visit!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Great series on all the beautiful birds you found.

  3. I do love your birds and critters, Jo! Such lovely captures for the day! Hope your week is going well!

  4. What beautiful birds!!

  5. What interesting birds! All new to me except for the stilt!

  6. Jo: Thanks for the visit, you have such wonderful birds in your country. Love the little deer.

  7. Beautiful birds! I love the hawk.

  8. Wow! What a wonderful variety of birds!

    Thank you for opening a new chapter of the bird book for me!

  9. Wow! What a selection of great birds. I have never seen any before except the Stilt. Yes I want to come and visit too.


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