Saturday, September 7, 2013

Raptors identified by visiting birder!

During the week we had a very special visitor from Dar Es Salaam. Jess, who has his own catering company, came to visit so that he could tender to do the Guest House catering. Over the past 18 months, I've run the Guest House. (for love, not money, grrr) On the first visit made by our General Manager, Johnny, Grant asked him if the company could remunerate me in any way. Even though Grant and I are both Tanzanian residents, he has a work permit and I don't. So therefore I cannot be rewarded in any manner, way or form for my labors! Ironically the reason why the company doesn't have outsourced catering, is that it's frightfully expensive. Nevertheless, Grant and Johnny contacted several catering companies and over the past six-eight weeks, these have visited the site and submitted their tenders. Jess was the last one to arrive. 

Although I have no idea whom the company will appoint, (I'm more certain that in September next year I'll be posting that we're still waiting to hear which company, if any,  was successful in getting the tender! ) it was really great to meet Jess. He, who's lived in Tanzania since 1998,  is our age, he's Irish and full of bounce and humor. To top it all he's a seasoned Tanzanian birder! While he stayed in the little cottage behind our house, he spotted and pointed out no less than three different birds which I'd never noticed! (And there I was priding myself on my observant nature!) He also identified the two raptors which I didn't post on Wednesday, because I hadn't had positive id's!  

As raptors are very difficult for both me and Grant to identify, Jess not only named the birds, but showed me the distinguishing features which makes it easier to identify them! 
Immature Dark Chanting Goshawk

Shortly after seeing the Goshawk, we spotted this pair of eagles in a tree quite near to the road. 

A pair of eagles identified as...
... Steppe eagles
 Steppe Eagles

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. How great that you and Grant found a new friend who can identify birds so well! I do hope that the company makes a firm decision soon. For everyone's sake, including the companies who spent their time to visit the site and make a proposal. I'm having a very few busy days before leading to my short leave. I'm also planning another short leave for next month. More on that in a future post. Have a great weekend.

  2. It would be great if your new birding friend Jess were to get the catering contract. It would be a win-win situation for more catering to do, but birds will be identified.
    So I'm rooting for him for the job, and you for the birding help!
    Luv, K

  3. So why can't you get a work permit? Or are you just plain tired of this job?

    How wonderful to have a birder come. Maybe he'll get the contract and you'll have a fellow birder as a neighbor.

  4. Jo, it is nice to meet another new birding friend. I love your hawk and eagle shots. I hope your new friend Jess win the catering contract. Have a happy weekend!

  5. I don't see the difference between the Goshawk and the Steppe eagle. Have to look at the finer points perhaps.

  6. How wonderful the Jess turned up on hopefully 2 counts. He would be good to have around for birding with.


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