Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's happened again!

Hi Bozo, Lindy and all our mum's other blog readers. It's Ambrose here again. Our yoomens didn't go to the club tonight as all their friends are away in a far place. I wondered if I'd get a chance on the laptop then our mum and dad went out onto the mine in the dark. Ooee! 

So here I am! 

I just have to tell you: it's happened again! Those two cats who lived here long ago, are here again. Their yoomens, Unca Richard and Aunty Rina have gone far away so mum is looking after their kitties. They're much bigger than before and because mum says it's my duty to play with them, when they're let out of their safe place. (Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow aren't friendly to these kitties at all)

This is Tipsy; hasn't he grown?

And here's Topsy!

Topsy plays hide-and-seek with me on the tree that their yoomen brings to mum's home
Tipsy explores their toy box on the floor below

Mum says I'm good at doing my duty, but I quite like playing with the kitties. 

... I am exhausted! 

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  1. Tipsy and Topsy seem quite mischievous!!


  2. Nice of you to play with the neighbors.

  3. Oh, how cute, Ambrose. When you're tired of playing with Topsy and Tipsy, you nap with your dad Ginger and the big tiger! When Lindy is tired, she will nap anywhere. When she is tired and hungry, she will nap in front of the refrigerator, so she'll be right there for a snack if anyone opens the refrigerator door.


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