Tuesday, September 10, 2013


A few weeks ago in a post about the Employee of the Month, I mentioned a position becoming available on Thys' pit operators' team. The vacancy was for an off-sider: the man who marked out the area to be drilled. The applicant needed to be literate.   I suggested to Grant that my Askari Edward (who fit this bill perfectly)  be considered for the job. Grant and Thys discussed this and asked me to find out from Edward if he'd like to work with Mr Thys. Edward told me "kabisa sana"/ of course, absolutely! Within a day he was working on the mine. 

I also asked Grant that the replacement askari in my garden be Michael who had periodically worked in Edward's place when the latter was off. I've known Michael for as long as I've been here and once he arrived, I asked if he'd mind being my gardener for extra remuneration. Being an askari/gate guard, is mindless and boring and Michael jumped at the chance of being paid over and above his company wages and having a stimilating job such as creating a garden.  

Michael arrives at 6.30am to relieve the night askari, Mr Mayunga. Once he's let the chickens out into the garden he comes into our enclosed garden.  He cleans the patio, waters my herbs and vegetables in potsand rakes up the many sticks and leaves which fall from the overhanging trees, Michael also cleans and refills the cats' sandboxes. (At the moment we have five with the extra kitties in the house) Michael also has a genuine interest in,  and an affinity for,  gardening. Michael makes things want to grow!  In the five weeks that Michael has been with us, I have shrubs and perennials which are thriving and blooming better than in the year that I've had this garden. 

Of course, within days,  the three cats got to know Michael and he loves animals. He often watches them while I fetch bring the laundry from the washing machine, hang it on the line and perform the other tasks which I do before Regina and Pendo arrive. 
 Michael watching Ginger, Ambrose and Shadow in the garden

 My garden is thriving under Michael's loving touch! 

 Michael tends to the garden while the cats enjoy the outdoors 

Welcome to House No 2 and Kittyland, Hedgesville, Michael! 

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  1. I love the photos of the cats in the garden with Michael, and am looking forward to seeing what the garden looks like when you return after the small rains.
    I'm so glad Shadow is alright. I was shaking in my boots (okay, bedroom slippers) reading about his encounter with the dog(s).
    Luv, K

  2. You are lucky to have Michael's help and Edward I'm sure is feeling very blessed too.

  3. Congrats to Michael and Edward. They are both hard workers. Your garden does look wonderful. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  4. Garden is coming alone nicely thanks to M & E. Looking forward to seeing it later on.

  5. Edward and Michael seem to be hard workers! Congratulations to them both!
    Love the kitties...

  6. That orange overall makes him look like a ghostbuster

  7. How nice to get promoted and earn some extra dollars. Plus such a bonus getting a green-thumbed gardener.


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