Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday shadows and weekend reflections

Lovey-dovey doves and our house roof,  catch shadows in the last of the afternoon sun

The setting sun filters through the trees surrounding our house

 Trees reflected in the bird bath and throwing shadows on the garden 

My, what long legs you have...

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  1. Such a lovely collection of scenes from your world. The doves look so cute together.

  2. Your lovey-doves are cute! And I love the stilt? Great shots, Jo! Have a happy day!

  3. Your lovey-doves are cute! And I love the stilt? Great shots, Jo! Have a happy day!

  4. I love the long legs... lovely photos...

  5. That's an amazing pair of legs!

  6. What long legs you have. all the better to wade with!!! Love the Doves.

  7. The reflection of the bird's legs certainly does make it appear as though it has very long legs. The doves are so cute.

  8. Oh, I love your lovey doves. My bird bath is useless. It's the end of summer now, so maybe I can get a better one on special. This afternoon, however, the birds can bath in the street because we're having a good rain. Humidity makes my body hurt but it means I don't have to be dragging hoses around the yard.
    Your last photo is fabulous, did I mention that?
    Hi to Grant and love to the cats. When do you go on leave?

  9. Oh My Goodness... I just read yesterday's post about Shadow. SCARY!!!! Glad Shadow is okay though....

    Cute little dove photo.. LOVE in BLOOM.

    And YES---that bird does have LONG legs... ha


  10. Luv the long legs , nice shadow shots

    Much love...

  11. I love the batch of birds, what a good idea forrecycling ! I just hope that the birds are not scared to finish coocked in that pan, when they come to take their bath... ^^


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