Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mum's gone away again...

Hi Bozo and mum's blog readers. Mum's gone away again. We just know it. The bags came out and were filled with yoomen fur, paws and tails. But as usual we're not alone, especially not this time: we're being looked after by Regina, with Michael helping with our sandboxes and Pendo who washes our many food dishes and gives us our cookies. And, on top of it all, we have Topsy and Tipsy here and I still do my duty playing with them while Regina cleans the three rooms which are theirs to live, sleep and play in. (Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow don't come into this area as they might growl at the kitties!) 
 Mum,can I go with you, please?

Topsy and I, Ambrose checking out the bags

Unca Shadow sits in the windows and growls at the dogs who almost caught him last weekend. I don't think he' noticed that mum is packing her bags again

If I sit here, perhaps mum will take me in the bag? 

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  1. Aww, you kitties love your mama so much. I'm glad you're being well cared for.

  2. Well, Ambrose, I hope you didn't get taken away in the bag. It will mean seeing a veterinarian in South Africa for needles and things.
    Besides, Topsy and Tipsy will miss having you to play with, and your Uncle Shadow and your Dad Ginger will miss you, too.
    You are all being well cared for, and your human parents will be back soon.
    Love from
    Lindy and Auntie Kay

  3. AWWW, poor kitties! They will miss their Mum! Safe travels, Jo!

  4. Aww am sure they will come back with plenty of goodies for you guys!



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