Wednesday, November 18, 2015

African Red-eyed Bulbul

The African Red-eyed Bulbul has a conspicuous wide orange-red eye-ring. We've always had a resident pair of bulbuls in our garden. Last year I featured a pair near their nest in an old rose-bush outside the entertainment area. I'm not sure where they nested [in the garden] this year, but had the pleasure of watching a parent and juvenile in the mulberry tree (not photographed!) and also on our bird feeder. 

 I took this photo too quickly, not checking my function settings and it's a little blurry. The juvenile on the left is waiting for its parent to drop some apple into its wide-open bill! 
The juvenile's eye-ring is narrower and yellowish pink
The juvenile chews on a piece of fruit which it pecked from the apple itself
Mama/papa looks on
And also digs in! 
Both birds having their fill
On closer inspection, the juvenile is still quite fluffy

The African Red-eyed Bulbul is very common and near-endemic. Its food is mainly fruit, also nectar, insects and flower petals. It's call is distinctive - "Wake up, Gregory!"- and can be heard very early in the morning - in our garden - before sunrise.  

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Happy Wednesday to you all! 


  1. Hello, Jo, they are awesome birds. I love their red eyes. Great sighting and photos. Enjoy your day!

  2. and now i am wanting an apple to eat.. will have to get a few this week end.. i like the one feeding the little one

  3. Lovely to see the juvenile of this species Jo.

  4. neat birds and neat feeder for them!

  5. Fascinating birds! They were really enjoying the apple!


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