Saturday, November 28, 2015

Flying ant day

This week we discovered a flying ant queens nest in our garden. We only noticed it when Chappie started chasing the newly emerged ants flying low over her as she lay on the patio. I took many photos as the ants crept out - sometimes four at once - from the nest hole.
Metallic wings and head of the newly hatched flying ants 
Two ants already exposed while another two (or even three) try to push past them

Here two ants (wings not yet showing) pull themselves out of the hole
Oooph - let me outta here!

See more about these interesting critters here
A Malachite Sunbird silhouetted in the evening light in my garden
A  flock of Red-billed Quelea (which I posted about earlier this week) roost in a tree behind Angus and Amanda's house
I later photographed Chappie sitting in a chest of drawers 
Creative Shot function used here! 

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You all have a wonderful Saturday! 


  1. Those ants would be amazing to watch. It would have been good on video. Love all your birds. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Of course, me being a cat lover, the kitty photos are so very PURRfect. Those flying ants are amazing.

  3. Hello Jo, the shots of the Flying Ants emerging from the nest are just awesome. Pretty birds and photos. Chappie is a cutie! Great collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Great small animals, you have an interesting garden.

  5. be careful chappie that you dont get closed in the drawer... these are amazing photos of the ants and i read the link. great captures. i wonder if they do damage, like termites. i found one place that said they don't bite.

  6. I love to watch ants. Hope these are not a biting kind.

  7. Interesting photos of the ants.
    Beautiful silhouette of the Sunbird! You should link it up to Saturday's Silhouettes at

  8. Flying ants elimination is not necessary to do by ourselves, they will go away by themselves. But if the problem is very grave, then you should take steps to exterminate the flying ants by using natural home remedies.


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